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    Web portal development

    While regularly talking about web portal design and news app development, we often get a question: “Why do I need a mobile application if all the news can be accessed on Internet web sites?” The answer is very simple. News mobile apps for iOS and Android for the news portal allow users to make personal news sets by interest, region or any other criteria. There is also the additional ability to access content without constant network connection.

    The benefits of news app development for news portals:

    • Delivery of personalized promotional messages that match the interests of each user.
    • An effective channel of marketing and advertising to attract new customers.
    • The usage of geolocation allows news and advertising content to be offered according to the user’s location.
    • Maintaining of interactive news feeds and improvement of customers’ loyalty.
    • Increasing the communication level between a news portal and the users.

    How news mobile app for news portals can be useful for users:

    • The ability to view the stored information without access to the network, and to update the information with an Internet connection.
    • Making up the personalized custom lists of news.
    • The ability to setup news catalogs.
    • The ability to place realtime user stories.
    • The ability to maintain forums and comments, and receive notifications about any activity in preferred topics.

    In general, news mobile app and web portal development open up new opportunities for a company, such as improving customer loyalty, profiting from advertising space sales, and increasing the communication level between the portal and its users.

    Before ordering the news app development you have to remember several criteria of contractor services. The contractor should:

    • Be an expert in software development for mobile operating systems (like iOS and Android, or web development by Ruby on Rails), and be able to prove this.
    • Provide you the guarantee of further software working capabilities.
    • Confirm that their activity does not violate laws, and all stages of your cooperation will be legally documented. There is a possibility to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
    • The contractor should agree to and provide a plan for implementation separated into phases. This might include the technical specifications, a cooperation agreement and so on.
    • Provide transparent access to the timing and cost system in development, testing, design of your project. Here is a recommendation: you need to avoid trying to save money on the testing and design of the mobile app, as these are important parts of the development process.
    What will you get by contacting Agilie for the web portal design and web portal development?
    • Creative approach.
    • High level of design of mobile applications.
    • Testing the operability of the project after its development.
    • Warranty support of the project.
    • A clear work scheme with guarantees of quality and timing.
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