Our technologies | Agilie
Agilie builds mobile and web B2B and B2C solutions. We research, design, and code for your product’s success.
We build applications for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch using native iOS development tools and a considerable technology stack. The refined workflow and collaborative approach guarantee you’ll get the best product quality. We consider App Store requirements and iOS design guidelines to make sure your app will be released in time and will look perfect on any Apple device. Finally, we keep your application up-to-date with current Apple software and hardware after the release.
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  • Objective-C, Swift
  • MVVM/VIPER Architerctures
  • UIKit, SwiftUI
  • Apple Maps, Google Maps
  • CoreData, Realm
  • CloudKit
  • HLS, WebRTC
  • AVKit, AVFoundation, AudioToolbox
  • SceneKit, SpriteKit, Metal
  • Social Networks Integrations
  • Augmented Reality
  • WatchOS
  • CocoaPods
  • Cross-platform solutions
  • Jenkins CI, Xcode Server, Xcode Cloud
  • TestFlight, Firebase
Android devices now cover almost 90% of mobile devices market. The devices and OS versions fragmentation is constantly reducing, so it’s now much easier for us to deliver quality Android apps for different types of devices - from mobile phones and tablets to smartwatches.
We build Android apps written in Java and Kotlin using all capabilities of Android Studio environment. We also integrate various custom libraries to develop solutions of different scope and complexity - from taxi booking to live video streaming solutions.
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  • Android Studio and SDK
  • Java and Kotlin, Dart (Flutter)
  • Android Jetpack
  • Dagger2/Koin
  • RxJava
  • Widgets
  • Android Wear
  • Google Maps APIs
  • Social networks integration
  • Analytics integration
  • Advertisement libraries
  • RESTful services
  • UI/Unit testing
  • RxJava/Coroutines
  • Clean Architectures
World Wide Web presence is a must for every business today. The Agilie team has expertise in building complex web services, as well as in designing effective web pages for product promotion.
Our web development team and design studio use both responsive and adaptive web design techniques to help your fit any device and screen and work equally great in both desktop and mobile browsers.
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  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Angular, ReactJS, VueJS
  • Ionic, NativeScript, React Native
  • Bootstrap, Material Design, Materialize, Kendo UI, Nebular, Prime
  • WebGL, Canvas
  • Cypress, Jest, Karma, Jasmine
  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Sidekiq, ActiveAdmin)
  • Node.js: ExpressJS, NestJS, Hapi
  • RabbitMQ, Kafka, Elasticsearch
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Docker & Docker-compose, Docker swarm
  • Serverless cloud solutions (AWS, Firebase)
Quality Assurance
Any product is valued for its quality. One of the biggest reasons people give up using mobile and web apps is the low quality of the product, its flawed usability and performance issues. To ensure your project’s success, you must get rid of all possible imperfections in your product or MVP.
Agilie’s dedicated quality assurance team offers a full cycle of testing activities, as well as a variety of separate QA services for any of your special cases and support activities for the released products. We make sure all technical errors and usability inconsistencies will be exposed and eradicated.
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  • Mobile and web apps QA
  • Product support
  • Web services testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Migration testing
  • Independent testing
  • Localization testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • TestFlight/Firebase
  • UI/UX testing
  • Cypress, Jest, Karma, Jasmine
  • Unit testing
  • Rspec, Capybara
  • Jira/ XRAY/ TestRail
Quality Assurance
Agilie’s design studio provides a full stack of product design services that include an extensive market and user research, outlining the user behavior within an app, planning user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), and making your product’s style memorable creating a brand identity.
Our product design services and design thinking approach will save your time in the development stage, and you will meet your business objectives offering an engaging user experience with your app.
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  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Invision
  • UI kits
  • Principle
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Procreate