MVP Development Services by Agilie

Upscale MVP Development Services

Validate your business idea with a robust test version of the future fully-fledged software. We prioritize specific business goals to come up with the right digital product and uncover idea’s capacities.
Launch your software promptly with Agilie
Over 40% of software fails in the first couple of years due to low market demand, no interest among users, or insufficient budget. The solution is building an MVP for startups.
A well-adjusted MVP delivers the right balance between basic features and one-of-a-kind functions to confirm future software will stand out from other similar digital platforms.
Starting small is an opportunity to efficiently get feedback from the target audience, and understand what improvements the project requires. MVP development serves to prove investors your solution is worth their attention. It helps to test the idea on final users prior to the full-scale product launch.
Launch your software promptly with Agilie
Benefits and Perks
Cozy working environment and cool personal development opportunities
Demand assessment
Demand assessment
Make sure your idea meets market expectations and customer needs. Agilie explores ideas and problems they shall solve to implement them efficiently.
Wider target audience
Wider target audience
Test your MVP on real gadgets and attract first users with a simplified version of your software. Find out clients’ insights on your product.
Reduced development time
Reduced development time
Cut the time for marketing. MVP app development takes less time and effort compared to creating full-featured software.
Money savings
Money savings
Prevent unnecessary expenses from the project start. Stay cost-efficient. Less development time means less money spent.
Intuitive user interface
Intuitive user interface
Prevent your final solution from being flooded with irrelevant features. Keep it uncomplicated and easy to use.
Feedback from real users
Feedback from real users
Get an idea of what users think about your product. Collect and analyze their feedback to adjust your strategy as needed.
Smart investment
Smart investment
Figure out which features to invest in first. Make considered decisions based on relevant customer needs.
Inviting investors
Inviting investors
Order MVP development for startups to invite attention of investors. Present your test project software to companies willing to finance it.
Less financial risks
Less financial risks
Eliminate startup-related risks. Bring your product to perfection before spending too much time and effort on its development.
Our Team MVP Development Services
MVP with key features
Agilie develops a minimum viable product software with basic features only. Our developers gradually implement additional functionality, so the MVP naturally grows in the required direction.
Software idea visualization
Our team visualizes the idea with an explanatory video or a product landing page. Agilie specialists illustrate the product benefits and show why the consumer should choose it.
Prototype-like MVP solution
The task is to test the product in a cost-effective way, without full-scaled software development. Our experts create custom prototypes based on ready-made solutions and templates.
Single-feature MVP
Agilie designs MVPs that focus on one specific product feature. Our team builds single-feature minimum viable products to see how effectively software performs its principal task.
MLP development
Our developers create Minimum Lovable Products, which refers to a more advanced technique. The task is to make sure the product not only performs its functions but is also lovable among users.
Approaching the MVP Development Process at Agilie
Research & Analysis
Determining what user’s problem your software will solve, analyzing the target audience and their needs, carrying out competitive market analysis.
Creating prototypes according to project goals and users' needs. Wireframing and prototyping help develop an intuitive digital product customers will enjoy.
UI design
Building interfaces for the further MVP development. The overall UI design is created with reference to the style and look.
MVP development
Prioritizing functionality and selecting the most optimal MVP model. The task is to choose the most efficient approach to create your MVP.
Quality assurance
Carrying out comprehensive testing of the MVP solution. Proper product optimization enables satisfaction of first users.
MVP release and maintenance
Collecting user feedback and further improving the product, after the MVP is launched. Agilie also provides MVP maintenance.
Agilie Domain Expertise
Tailor-made platforms to ensure the high-level protection of your assets.
Transportation & Logistics
Agile transportation systems to enhance logistics chain effectiveness.
Sophisticated solution to deliver superior healthcare services.
IT services
Market research, machine learning, cloud computing.
Dedicated services to ensure greater audience reach.
Real estate
Powerful software to increase property business efficiency.
Scalable eCommerce platforms to expand sales.
Wearables, smart home, micro-mobility services, manufacture platforms.
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