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Agilie: An Adaptive Web Development Company

We help you get your business online by developing adaptive websites that fit any browser on any device type, be it mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers.
We provide a full stack of adaptive web development services - from product design based on market research to frontend and backend development activities and support.

Web solutions for all types of devices

Websites are a crucial part of any business’s success. Whether you aim to create a web-first solution or need a website to promote your primary product, you should consider that the internet is now almost on any device - from conventional desktops and laptops down to tablets and mobile phones. This means your website must fit all these screen sizes.
The tool we use to reach that goal is the adaptive web development approach.
The Agilie company offers full-stack backend and frontend web development services including server and database maintenance and support.
Our in-company design studio keeps up with the latest responsive and adaptive web design trends and is able to build an engaging user flow that will make your website feel and look equally great on a desktop, in a mobile browser, or on any other screen.
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Ruby on Rails
Ruby is one of the most popular programming languages out there and the most widely used language for web development.
Ruby on Rails (RoR, or simply Rails) is a web app development framework written in Ruby and aimed to make the programmers’ work simpler and faster. Rails reduces the amount of time needed for coding a website and ensures that your project will be deployed in time.
NodeJS is an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime designed to build effective server-side tools and applications.
Node.js allows us to build fast web servers in JavaScript using event-driven programming. This lets us easily create scalable, high-performance servers without using threading which is inefficient and difficult to use for server-side programming.
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
Database management and data storage systems.
We use a variety of database storage and management systems including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis to maintain your website’s backend. No matter what it’s size is, we can handle it.
Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize
Frontend development frameworks.
Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework that provides design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other UI components as well as ready-made HTML code which helps us quickly structure the pages. Foundation is a responsive web framework that is now actively growing. Its mobile-first nature allows us to build responsive websites that will work with any device type. Materialize is a CSS framework that provides assets that employ Google’s Material Design language.
Using frontend web frameworks lets us deploy a beautiful and functional web experiences saving you a lot of time and funds.
Gulp, Webpack
Tools to optimize a website’s frontend.
Gulp is a JavaScript task runner which allows us to create tasks that will help optimize our frontend development workflow.
Webpack is a JavaScript module bundler. One of Webpack’s highlights is the code splitting feature that lets us split the code into “chunks” and load on demand reducing the server load and page loading time.
HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, DHTML, Jade
Languages to build your web app with.
Agilie’s web development team has adopted a number of languages and techniques to build your site on or upgrade the existing one. This ensures that we will be able to implement any idea and scale our projects on any level - from the database server to the client side.
JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, CofeeScript, TypeScript
JavaScript-related languages and frameworks.
JavaScript - along with HTML and CSS - is the core technology of almost any website on the internet. We employ different frameworks to streamline the building of applications with JavaScript. We are also acquainted with JS-interoperable languages such as CofeeScript and TypeScript.
Single-page application (SPA)
SPA is a client-side application that exists as a single web page instead of a number of pages interconnected by links.
Single page applications allow using fewer resources, cutting out the most of the backend maintenance and needing considerably less time for loading new pages and assets used on a website.
Amazon Web Services and other BaaS platforms
Cloud platforms to maintain your backend data.
We can integrate your app with scalable Backend as a Service (BaaS) platforms like Amazon Web Services, which will significantly reduce your spendings on backend development and maintenance, especially in the initial stages after your app’s launch.
Smart deployment
A way to deploy data from development to production environment.
Smart deployment approach helps us keep track on all processes within a project and eliminate all possible errors before the web app is ready for the release.
Test-driven development
A methodology to continuously develop and deploy errorless pieces of software.
First, we write tests cases for each functionality planned. Then, we implement these functionalities writing the code. We test the code thoroughly to make sure it’s clean and meets all requirements. Finally, we refactor the code and start the process all over again with each next iteration and new functionality.
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Project development cycle
Before starting the development of your project, we research the market to find the most suitable approach to your idea. We take into account your business goals, your target audience, and offer you several options to estimate the future project’s development cost.
As soon as you approve the project estimation, we compose a set of project development documents that describe each development stage, detailing all functionalities that need to be implemented. We constantly communicate with you while composing the documentation and can adjust the plan according to our the results of our discussions.
After the concept of your website is finalized, our design team brings it to a tangible visual form creating prototype that illustrates the connection between all screens, the whole user flow, and the variations of pages’ layouts for different screen sizes.
Our team finalizes the prototypes implementing them into an adaptable web design respecting the visual consistency and your Brand Identity. A user research conducted during the research stage will help us make your website appealing to your target audience.
We provide a full stack of adaptive web development services that include both a functional and fast frontend (the website itself) and a capable backend (server side, where all data is stored). We ensure the code to be clear and fully interoperable with the future updates.
Quality assurance
Throughout the development process, we continuously conduct testing of an app from both technical and user-experience points of view. Our goal here is to make sure the code is clean and error-free and the user flow is consistent and fully-functional.
As soon as all development and QA activities are finished, we’re ready to roll out your website for the general availability. We also can assist you in marketing your product before and after the release date.
Agilie offers continuous support services that include both server-side maintenance and keeping the website up-to-date eradicating all issues that may arise during the website’s lifetime.
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