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Wallex app. An innovative
e-wallet for safe and convenient cryptocurrency management.

Wallex App is an easy-to-use digital crypto-wallet. It is designed for the most efficient management of any cryptocurrency. Users can safely store bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and perform various transactions and exchange operations with them.

Explore the journey of how Agilie has helped transform Wallex’s vision into a robust and feature-rich mobile crypto-wallet application.

Download success story

Download <span>the success story</span> to learn:

Download the success story to learn:

  • CheckmarkBackground information of the project
  • CheckmarkThe story behind the project
  • CheckmarkThe team involved into the project
  • CheckmarkUI/UX challenges and ideas
  • CheckmarkDevelopment challenges to overcome
  • CheckmarkTechnology stack used
  • CheckmarkFeature list to become a market leader

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