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Chameleon Pay

Your handy multi-digital wallet

Chameleon Pay is a multi-digital wallet aimed at helping users store, receive, send, convert, and perform other similar cryptocurrency manipulations.

At the moment, users can freely work with a great lot of different cryptocurrencies including the well-known Bitcoin, as well as Litecoin, Ethereum, zCash, Chameleon, and so on. And the number of supported cryptocurrencies is still growing. The same applies to the new features since the app is now under active development.

This cryptocurrency bitcoin app can be used on both iOS and Android devices.

Project info

Cryptocurrency App Development
iOS and Android app
Project timeline:
8 months

How the Story Begins

The client had an idea to create a BTC wallet app for those who want to make money with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. His first attempts to achieve the proper result weren't entirely successful, and he resorted to our help.

We had studied the app groundworks he already had and thoroughly investigated the market of cryptocurrency wallets. After the analysis, we concluded that the best option was to start the project from scratch.

How is Chameleon Pay different?

Important advantages of Chameleon Pay are its intuitive design and well-thought-out functionality.

We've done our best to make the application design as intuitive as possible: all the app screens are clear, concise, and logical. Thus, even a person who has no idea what an online cryptocurrency wallet is can easily use it. Besides, app design embodies the latest UI/UX trends: the dark theme, tutorial, the most user-friendly flow.

According to user feedback, the app interface stands out among competitive products, and all features are focused on the end-user.

Development Challenges to Overcome

However, nowadays, having only a website isn't enough to effectively operate a digital business. Therefore, at the Client's request, we proceeded with the cryptocurrency app development project.

Universification of blockchain networks
If we had to create a bitcoin wallet, the situation would be much simpler. But our task was a multi-currency wallet, and such an idea is much more difficult to live out.
The fact is that each blockchain network has its own data structure, as well as its own key generation and transaction creation/signing procedures. And we needed to unify these business processes and bring all the data to a single interface. We coped with the task by creating design patterns (adapter, decorator, and others) and describing (with subsequent implementation) universal interfaces and abstract classes.

Customization of UI elements
Another challenge was the need to customize the UI elements to bring the drawn design (sketches) to life.
Our solution was NativeScript metadata which allows you to get to native features and therefore implement any functionality and customize the UI. And in one especially difficult case, we had to translate the design into reality through WebView.

Providing high performance
Thinking to make your own wallet (online or mobile), you certainly want your service to work as efficiently as possible. This is what our client wanted either.
To fulfil such a natural desire, namely, to increase the performance of the application and user UX, we resorted to the help of specialized native elements. In addition, we used mechanisms to optimize rendering processes and maximize caching of app data.

High-security requirements
The task to create your own wallet app is only half the problem. And our issue in this respect was clear: ensuring the application security and protecting user keys and passwords. And we managed to solve the problem successfully and at the highest level.
First of all, users’ private keys are stored encrypted on the device (encryption is implemented using Advanced Encryption Standard technology). Decryption occurs only when necessary (for example, when signing a transaction) and requires the user to enter the password. The device stores a password hash encrypted using the sha256 algorithm to verify its correctness. Additionally, we've provided the possibility to block access to the online wallet application by TouchID / FaceID with a pin code.

Implemented Features

Integration of 15+ cryptocurrency options.
Since the client didn't want to limit his users by offering them only a bitcoin wallet service, the list of available cryptocurrencies is constantly expanding.
Implemented Features

Ease of sending and receiving coins

The main task of any bitcoin wallet for Android, iPhone is to offer the possibility to receive and send coins.
We’ve done a good job in this regard, and now Chameleon Pay provides its users with the easiest way to process cryptocurrency.
Ease of sending and receiving coins

Currency conversion

One of the features of Chameleon Pay is to make sure the user can trade a cryptocurrency and convert it to any other (including euros and dollars).
Currency conversion

Complex security system

All the best bitcoin wallet apps offer strong data protection, and Chameleon Pay is no exception (as we've discussed earlier).
The application provides a complex security approach to ensuring that the user has full control over his cryptocurrency and that no one else can access his personal data.
Complex security system


Do you want to stay up to date and follow the cryptocurrency market, understand what's what? The feature in question is a great helper for those who want to keep up with the times.