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Mobile App Development Services

Agilie designs and develops mobile apps of any complexity to fit your business objectives. We can help you build your product from scratch or work with the existing concept. MVP or a full-fledged app: we offer different estimation options based on your budget expectations and business plan.
Mobile App Development Services

Native mobile app development agency

The Agilie team focuses on mobile application development services that provide your customers with high-performance native mobile experiences. We make apps that look and feel natural on both iOS and Android-powered devices.
A custom mobile app development approach allows us to scale your app according to your business objectives never leaving behind the possibility to extend its functionality as the demands of your users grow.
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What we do
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Our works
Live video streaming with chat, filters, draw & fonts.
easy way
Up-to-date public transport routes in your mobile phone.
Reporter mobile app is not a standard application.
shark taxi
Project unites mobile apps and an adaptive site for the taxi service.
shot bucket
Dribbble client. Another Dribbble client, but really different.
Combines the blockchain and traditional currency in one app.
Mobile app development cycle
We analyze the market in the niche you are aimed at in order to fit it best and come up with a unique selling point for your product.
In collaboration with you, we compose project documentation for all development stages. It includes user stories, user flow, project development plan, a detailed development estimate and other vital documents. As soon you approve the plan, we can start to bring it to life.
Our design team creates your app’s prototype so you could have a visual representation of your future product and understand how each screen will look like and what’s a user flow will be.
The approved prototype serves as a blueprint for the final implementation of the app’s UI and UX. We make sure that the app’s visual design fully corresponds with your brand style and is appealing to target users.
Our iOS and Android development teams make your ideas work implementing latest native and custom technologies. The experience and knowledge of a technology stack we carried over from previous projects helps us to complete the “under-the-hood” of your app fast and effectively.
Quality assurance
Conducting continuous code review and testing activities our developers and QA engineers eradicate all possible errors and bugs that may occur within the app. Also, our testers make sure the UI and in-app flow provide a sleek user experience.
When the final build of the app is ready, we roll out it on Apple App Store or the Google Play store. Our knowledge of the app stores’ release requirements and app store marketing practices will make best for your app’s visibility on both marketplaces.
After the release, we offer full-scope support activities to keep your app up-to-date and compatible with all latest Apple and Android hardware and software.
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