Live Streaming Apps Development for Mobile Platforms

    As mobile technologies made it possible for people to produce and share video and audio content on-the-fly, all types of streaming apps have become a natural extension of the social media concept.
    Today, more and more entrepreneurs are looking at this market and wondering if it is worth integrating live video in an app. And while some of them target the widest audience, there also exist solutions that have acquired more narrow yet more loyal user bases: musicians, artists, coaches, citizen journalists, event organizers and other people who can produce and are willing to share video online by providing quality content.
    It’s up to you choose for which user to develop a mobile broadcasting app. In any case, the idea is great and promising! Add live-streaming capabilities to your own app and start earning.

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    Agilie can help you build your own live streaming app

    You wont manage with the issue on your own, so we’ll help you to create an app with mobile live video features of the top-level quality.
    The Agilie team has entered the video streaming app development market with the app for Android and iOS platforms. is focused on socialization and reaching the widest possible audience. It features integration with popular platforms including YouTube and Facebook, multi-account channels, real-time messaging during broadcasts, and viewing pre-recorded clips on demand. Users can freely share videos on the internet through this live video streaming app for Android and iOS.
    Using this practical experience, we’ve become highly qualified to help you develop a live streaming app of any scope - from an MVP to a full-fledged social platform. And we’ll make sure you avoid the most common pitfalls that may occur during both app development and marketing. It means you’ll get mobile live stream apps for your business which surpass all imagination.

    Streaming App Features
    • Broadcast: Due to this feature, users can incorporate live video broadcasting whenever they want to!
    • Chat: The chat feature allows users to interact during the broadcast in different modes
    • Creativity: You should develop a live streaming app which provides users with the possibility to be creative: draw on the screen, post emoji, add filters, etc.
    • Rate: This feature helps users give “stars” to broadcasters they like
    • Discover: It means following your friends and getting notified when they go live or share video online
    • Watch on demand: Using a very simple file system navigation, streamers’re able to watch video on demand
    Improve Your Business With Mobile Streaming App Technology

    Let’s discuss the main technologies which can power your program and positively affect the mobile app streaming performance. This is very important because you have to create a broadcaster app that will prove its superiority over competing services.

    Social media platforms’ APIs

    Integration with crowded social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter using their official APIs allows to reach out to wider audiences, retain existing and acquire new users. We have already integrated with YouTube and are currently working on the integration with Facebook Live and Twitter.

    Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)

    RTMP is a proprietary protocol that ensures smooth and fast transmitting of video and audio streams between users and server. It also makes possible to embed a video stream to third-party platforms (YouTube channel, Facebook feed).

    WebSocket protocol

    The WebSocket protocol is used to manage all user actions within the various types of streaming apps not utilizing too much server power and saving it for stream delivery.

    VideoCore library

    VideoCore library allows us to enable users to apply filters and add drawings to the video stream.

    Mobile payment services

    As soon as you’re ready to start monetizing your online video streaming app, we can integrate one of the existing payment gateways with your program. Stripe? Braintree? You choose!

    Let's collaborate!

    The video streaming app segment is now changing dynamically. Feel it’s time for you to fit into it? Go ahead and contact us - let’s collaborate!
    And don’t forget to check out our case study: sure, this project will convince you that we can easily add live streaming video to your mobile app and achieve the result you are waiting for.

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