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    Hotel mobile apps

    Many people travel a lot and really enjoy travelling. Hotel mobile apps for IOS and Android can simplify our packing for travel and make a journey more convenient. Apps for hotels provide quick access to obtaining any information, such as photo gallery of hotel rooms, list of services, easy and convenient reservation etc. Hotel reservations software is a direct sales channel which not only provides the conversion of websites visitors to hotel guests but also helps to attract new visitors.

    An ideal hotel software development is a serious step to your success and your quests’ comfort. With the help of useful mobile applications you can make your clients happy and help those people looking for a hotel. For the hotel owners they are also very beneficial, because they attract new guests and increase the number of regular clients. Correspondingly, the income become higher and higher.

    Benefits for the hotel guests:

    • the list of hotels with contacts, address and maps
    • hotel description, description of available rooms with photos
    • list of discounts and special offers
    • opportunity to book a hotel directly from the app
    • calculation of the final cost of accommodation and additional services
    • payment
    • possibility to contact the hotel directly from the phone

    Benefits for the hotel owners:

    • great increase of regular guests
    • improved reputation
    • high status
    • increased guests loyalty
    • calculation of the final cost of accommodation and additional services
    • big profits
    • ability to become familiar and famous among Internet users

    The importance of the hotel mobile apps

    Hotel management software is a very important thing in our modern world, a driving force of the progress and success. Hotel mobile apps were developed in order to make our life easier. They are very useful for potential guests and the clients stayed in the hotel. With the help of these applications the owners of the hotels take care about their clients and show them their high status. All important world hotels use the apps, which must be simple, convenient and useful.

    The mobile applications for hotels allow their users to find a necessary hotel in the phone. Besides, they give you opportunity to find the closest hotels and show a detailed rout to it. Hotel reservations software is created in order to save time. It is very convenient to order the necessary room directly by the phone. You can print the order very quickly from the app. It is even possible to choose a room with a desirable view.

    Hotel booking engine gives everyone the opportunity to make and receive bookings in a very simple way. Moreover, this procedure takes just few minutes. All bookings become immediately visible in the hotel software. Also you can look through all the services, provided by the hotels, read a detailed description and see the price-list. Through the mobile application you can also pay for them.

    With the help of push-advertisements you can inform the people about special offers and discounts. This is a wonderful way to persuade people to go on a journey. Elite hotels can improve customer relations by providing concrete guests with special offers. The hotel mobile applications give everyone the opportunity to calculate the living costs and additional services and immediately pay a bill.

    Downloading these mobile apps you will always have the opportunity to telephone the hotel and discuss any questions. People already staying in the hotel have the opportunity to order breakfast, supper or something else in their room. Besides you can ask to clean your room or to give you extra pillows, shampoos or creams. If you want to order an excursion you can use these apps.

    Some apps give their owners advice where to go or what food in the restaurant to try. If you order the development of hotel mobile applications you will receive qualitative services. Our creative ideas and innovations will be available for our users. High level of design of mobile applications will be guaranteed.

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