Taxi app development

    The demand for a taxi is very high, and it's time to start making money on this urgent need! But keep in mind that traditional taxi businesses are passing, they mostly belong in the past. Today, all types of taxi apps advance in popularity. Interested? Then we're happy to become your taxi app developers: our experts know a subject inside out and have a great professional experience. We're ready to take up a challenge of any complexity level!

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    Benefits of hiring a contractor:
    • a professional approach to the taxi booking app development;
    • guarantee of a qualitative result;
    • market analysis;
    • the high speed of work;
    • wide experience;
    • professional expertise;
    • using the latest technology to build a taxi app of the top level quality.
    Benefits for owners of the app for taxi service:
    • getting an effective automated management tool;
    • increasing the number of customers;
    • high customer retention rate;
    • a great source of income;
    • a constant flow of new customers (users);
    • the advantage over non-mobile competitors’ services.
    Stages of the taxi application development
    • Research.
      To build a taxi app which fully meets your needs, we conduct preliminary market research to find the best solution. We usually offer several options so that you could choose the one that fits your project budget and expectations.
    • Documentation. We prepare the detailed project development plan, by outlining each taxi booking app development stage and its estimated time.
    • Prototyping.
      We present the prototype that includes the wireframes of each app screen and the detailed user flow and discuss the details until getting ultimate approval from you.
    • Design.
      Following the Apple and Android design guidelines, our design studio provides clean and intuitive UI/UX and ensures the consistency of your app's brand identity.
    • Taxi mobile app development (coding).
      Our development team writes a clear and accurate code to embody your idea by implementing the latest native and custom technologies in your taxi mobile app.
    • Quality Assurance.
      Our QA team conducts a set of app testing activities in order to find and eradicate technical errors and ensure the high quality of the final product.
    • Release.
      We know all about app publishing pitfalls and strictly follow the App Store and Google Play guidelines to make sure your mobile taxi app is published as soon as it is ready.
    • Support.
      Taxi application development is just the beginning of your journey. You should improve and update your app for taxi service from time to time. That’s why we offer a full scope of post-release support activities. We’ll help you keep taxi booking apps up-to-date and ensure their quality throughout the whole lifecycle.
    Ways to earn using the app for taxi service
    • An app for taxi service.
      Such an application is perfect for the needs of taxi business owners who want to maximize the efficiency of their business processes, attract new clients and improve communication with loyal customers.
    • P2P platform.
      You can develop a taxi app to serve as an intermediary between the passenger and the driver, giving them a communication platform and getting your dividends for such a service.
    • Travel or hotel business.
      Various types of taxi apps with advanced features are able to improve the travel or hotel business: for example, you can offer tourists or hotel guests a comfortable shuttle service. Just be creative, for this app can meet all kinds of transportation needs.
    • Use indirect methods of earning.
      You may need to develop a taxi app not only to provide the services of the taxi. There are ways to earn directly on applications.


    We hope we’ve convinced you that our Agilie team would be an excellent taxi booking app development company. We'll carry out all the stages of the project and free you from the hassle. You'll just have to get the result, namely - an effective mobile taxi app capable of providing you with a constant income.

    Our advantages:
    • Successful experience in taxi mobile app development.
    • Timeliness. We work according to the established terms delivering the project on time.
    • A team of experienced specialists who know how to build a taxi app.
    • Professional expertise.
    • Uniqueness: no typical solutions.
    • Visible control system.

    So if you want to improve your competitiveness by creating a booking app of the best quality, we’re happy to help! We offer you a simple taxi booking solution able to automate your business processes and bring new customers. Each party of this interaction will be satisfied: drivers will get a convenient program to search for passengers, the passengers will be able to take advantage of user-friendly cab booking apps, and you'll have your profit. It's a perfect win-win situation. All you need to do is to order our taxi app development services.

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