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    Lifestyle mobile apps for iOS and Android

    In the fast rhythm of life we simply forget about many important things: to call our family, go to a concert, get to the gym, be in time for meeting - and the list goes on and on.

    Mobile application development does not stand still and there is a whole new trend of apps for iOS and Android – Lifestyle, which make life easier for users and effective in its various spheres. There are lifestyle mobile apps which help business people to conduct business, applications for future mothers, applications for travelers and also for people who pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, etc.

    The concept of "lifestyle" unites fashion, news, culture, travel, health, recreation and leisure.

    The main types of Lifestyle mobile applications:

    • Mobile application development for travel

      Travelers might approve that guarantee of an ideal traveling is a correct planning. Lifestyle mobile apps are indispensable assistants while planning your trip. By using of mobile phone or tablet you can book an accommodation, buy tickets, plan trips, find restaurants and many more.

    • Mobile applications for communication

      The lifestyle of a modern person requires a lot of information, mobile messengers make users communication easier and allow to stay always in touch with each other. Using the mobile messengers users can send each other pictures, videos, voice messages, communicate anytime and anywhere.

    • Sports and healthy lifestyle apps

      A healthy lifestyle is the world trend. Mobile phones and tablets make it easier to exercise and maintain the healthy lifestyle. This category users might find as relevant mobile apps lifestyle for the training programs, food diary, diary of activity and others.

    • Mobile applications for coupon codes and promotional

      Mobile coupons provide an effective marketing channel of communication with goods and services consumers, but also works as a perfect assistant for the shoppers. This kind of mobile apps generates promotions and discounts from different stores. Mobile applications developed for systems of coupon codes and promotional provide an access to the best discounts on any goods and services!

    • Mobile apps for reading

      The book allows you to avoid getting bored during the trip, in a rainy evening or in a public transport. One of the common usages of mobile devices is a "reader" function. Mobile applications for operating systems iOS and Android always allow you to have a favorite electronic library in a hand.

    • Mobile applications for study

      It isn’t a secret that the popularity of mobile phones and tablets is very high among young people. Due to the popular mobile applications you can always "hang out" in social networks, listen to music, watch videos, read a book or play a game. Mobile applications allow you to take some rest and also improve work or study performance. There are useful electronic diaries, schedule reminders, audio tutorials, application for formulas, manuals on subjects and many more.

    Development of Lifestyle applications in Agilie:

    Order the apps lifestyle development with augmented reality features in Agilie company and you will receive high quality services, innovative product and also:

    • Collaboration with the team of professionals with the goal to achieve results for you.
    • Modern and cool design of high level for mobile applications and web sites.
    • Continuous testing process to control the development progress.
    • Quality assurance of the final product.
    • Effective solutions for assigned tasks.
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