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Mobile tracking software

The growing mobile applications market encourages the development of the Location services for mobile tracking within the city or the country and also provide an ability for indoors navigation (shopping centers, airports, warehouses, etc.). The main purpose of this phone tracking software is to improve ability to find different places and provide a flexible way to search different locations and route the path.

Markets and market research companies predict growth of this market to around $3 billion by 2018, compared to $ 450 million this year (2014).

Instead of previous implementations of mobile tracking software these days there is more valuable goal; together with mobile trace the software needs to obtain the media data as audio, photo, contact information, video or text forms and then analyze and display this date on a convenient way.


  • User location determination

  • Searching for places (POIs) and information about it on a map

  • Displaying the route between locations

  • Placement of targeted rich media content

Advantages of Location services:

  • Ability to translate Wi-Fi technologies from expenditure items to the system that provides required services for the users (making money).
  • Establishing of close relationships between consumers and service provider by displaying personalized and useful content.
  • Development of new sources of income by implementation of targeted advertisements in users’ mobile devices.
  • Increasing of business efficiency by using the information about traffic channels. This data can be used to optimize the customer services and make necessary work corrections.
Useful information how to find the idea and ​​make a mobile application:

Navigation applications are the most popular Location services for mobile users. Expanding the functionality to social networks, that allows you to select some particular location, such as Foursquare or Facebook places, might help to increase the amount of service users and simplify marketing expenses. The usage of these services is growing all time; so take your time but do not delay with the decision about the implementation.

Order the development of Phone tracking software by Agilie company and you will receive:
  • Personal management and development team that will realize all your wishes.
  • Within project development we take into consideration your business specific goals. This allows us create products and follow the marketing policy additional to ideas implementation.
  • Dedicated personal manager advices you about all the details of the project development process.
  • Product Quality Assurance to test the project on all development stages.
  • Creative ideas and innovative solutions for assigned tasks.
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