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    New technologies in education

    Today the app market is saturated with various modern app for different spheres of life. Due to advanced mobile technologies smartphones with their functionality aren’t inferior to computers. The use of mobile apps for IOS and Android opens the widest opportunities for education and self-development. E-learning systems and distance education systems are widely used all around the world not only for education but for improvement of professional skill of employees too.

    New technologies in education provide for a convenient way of interaction both for teachers and for students. Communications become much easier and faster via mobile app than PC application. Also it is not necessary now to carry lots of heavy books and other additional materials.

    Nowadays mobile apps for education are extremely popular and widely used in many educational institutions. The development of mobile technologies brings constant changes in education. Education adapts to the new realities, it becomes more interactive. Now you can study any time. Implementation of new technologies makes education more relevant to the spirit of the time and needs of society.

    Benefits for users of the service:

    • opportunity to study any time
    • improvement of professional skills
    • receive of rapid feedbacks from teachers
    • possibility to study in an entertaining way
    • unlimited access to training materials
    • rational and economical use of time
    • collective study despite the distance
    • money economizing

    Benefits for the owner of the service:

    • reinforcement of the brand
    • increase in exposure across mobile devices
    • connection with many people
    • opportunity to build relations
    • enhancement of social networking strategies
    • making the world more modern and intelligent

    The list of the most important mobile apps for education:

    • Dropbox, distance education image

      allows people to have the access to necessary files from different devices, which have been connected to the personal network

    • Documents to go, new technologies in education image
      Documents to go

      possibility to save a file on one device and to have the necessary changes on all other connected devices

    • Visual Exploration, mobile technology in education image
      Visual Exploration

      gives the opportunity to see information and photos about basic components of everyday matter

    • Science 360, mobile apps for education image
      Science 360

      allows the owners of this app to watch videos and to listen to audios on all the sciences

    • Quick Gragh, distance education image
      Quick Gragh

      is a programme for math professors, which allows them to do all difficult calculations

    • Keynote, new technologies in education image

      gives everyone the opportunity to prepare different presentations on any subjects

    • CourseSmart, mobile technology in education image

      is a mobile app, allowing people to read thousand textbooks

    • Edmondo, mobile apps for education image

      is created in order to provide close cooperation with teachers and students online. It allows them to share opinions

    • Quickoffice Pro, new technologies in education image
      Quickoffice Pro

      gives access to the Microsoft Office suit, where you can edit, create and share documents.

    • IAnnotate, mobile technology in education image

      a mobile programme, which gives the opportunity to make notes, bookmarks and highlights not during lectures, but just with the help of a telephone

    Our service

    The modern world doesn’t stay still, it is constantly changing and developing. Just in order to make it easier and much better there was created distance education. Mobile apps help economize time and money, improve necessary skills and make the process of learning more interesting and efficient. They are worth downloading not only by students, but also by teachers, admins and parents.

    When you get mobile apps for education from our service you receive a lot of benefits. First of all, you will collaborate with a team of real professionals. Secondly, we will propose you a clear scheme of work and many creative ideas and innovative solutions for assigned tasks. We’ll provide you with a quality and deadline assurance and warranty support of all the projects.

    Mobile technology in education is a real way to success. It is evidently clear that they must be developed further in order to bring more benefits to people.

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