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    Mobile apps for e-commerce

    Electronic commerce (widely known as e-commerce/eCommerce) is becoming a popular trend among the widest kinds of enterprises recently. It may refer not only to sales of goods, but to diverse services, thus there are many new perspectives opened for all types of businesses.

    Increasing competition of the global market encourages companies to use innovative approach in order to gain more of positive consumer experience. E-commerce development companies offer mobile apps for smart-phones and tablets, build e-commerce websites with adaptive design in such a way creating new mobile sales channels for companies.

    Effective mobile solutions for e-commerce should involve a range of interesting options without limiting them for users, and at the same time providing an opportunity to buy a product or order service in one click. The main task is to keep consumers loyal and interested, as well as motivated to purchase more in future.

    Using of e-commerce for business owners provides them with:

    • Availability on mobile devices.
    • Lively customer communications.
    • Direct interaction with consumers.
    • Manageable means of interaction, with additional customer settings available (e.g. notification settings).
    • An effective platform for targeted advertising.
    • Innovative resource for marketing.

    Using e-—Āommerce in mobile technologies provides users with:

    • Operating initial resources with no reference to the PC or laptop.
    • The best option for shopping always within easy reach.
    • An interactive source of information about products and services.
    • The ability to purchase in one click.
    • Loyalty programs on your device (e.g. discount cards).

    Brief history of e-commerce

    • mobile app development step image - Future Shop
      Future Shop

      J.H. Snider and Terra Ziporyn's Future Shop: How New Technologies Will Change the Way We Shop and What We Buy published.

    • mobile app development step image - | eBay

      Online bookstore turns into new online shop with the widest range of products and is renamed to
      The biggest online auction and shopping website is launched under the name of
      American company VeriSign begins developing digital IDs.

    • mobile app development step image - Google store
      Google store & Yahoo store

      • PayPal introduces payment service.
      • Google debuts on e-commerce.
      • Yahoo implements Yahoo Store.

    • mobile app development step image - dot com

      • PayPal is purchased by eBay.
      • CSN Stores and NetShops started trading through several targeted domains.

    • mobile app development step image - PayPal
      CSN Stores & PayPal

      • PayPal is acquired by eBay
      • CSN Stores and NetShops begin selling products thought several targeted domains

    • mobile app development step image - iTunes store
      iTunes store

      • Apple sets up iTunes store.
      • The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 is enacted by the US Congress.
      • Zen Cart branches from osCommerce as a separate project.

    • mobile app development step image - Credit card
      Credit card

      Credit card companies create PCI data security standarts

    • mobile app development step image - YouTube

      • YouTube service is created by three former PayPal employees.
      • Launches YouTube
      • Web 2.0 takes hold of sites making them more interactive.
      • The final release of VirtueMart.

    • mobile app development step image - New in Google
      New in Google

      Google introduces Google Checkout

    • mobile app development step image - AppStore and iPhone release

      • Apple presents the iPhone with full web browsing and apps for downloading.
      • Free open-source Prestashop software is founded.

    • mobile app development step image - TextBuyIt

      • Amazon introduces TextBuyIt
      • Magento eCommerce solution is launched by Varien

    • mobile app development step image - Tax battle
      Tax battle and lose New York online sales tax battle.

    • mobile app development step image - Mobile applications
      Mobile applications

      Virtual storefront of mobile apps appears.

    Order the development of a mobile app by Agilie company and you will receive:
    • Collaboration with the e-commerce web developer that works for achieving your goals.
    • Clear working scheme with staging.
    • Compliance with the declared terms of implementation.
    • Quality assurance of the final product.
    • Creative ideas and innovative solutions for assigned tasks.
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