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Why the Agilie Team?

Years of experience, a team of dedicated professionals, flexibility, and precision - these are our keys to developing the high-class products. First - we plan, then - we do. Our quality assurance engineers continuously monitor new builds, and our project managers provide a real-time feedback on a product development flow. Having adopted and successfully using Agile and Scrum methodologies, we are able to adapt to and deliver projects of any type and complexity.

Taxi app development services | Taxi app developers service image

Taxi app development services | Taxi app developers

Taxi services are actively going online as peer-to-peer ridesharing apps take over the transportation market. Incorporating the best practices from the existing solutions for both types will help your build a successful taxi or ridesharing platform.

Location-based services service image

Location-based services

Geolocation technologies are crucial for a wide range of digital products. Taxi apps, restaurant apps, fitness tracking app - all of them rely on mapping services and taking advantage of devices’ GPS hardware.

E-commerce solutions service image

E-commerce solutions

The focus on mobile experience is a must for any digital solution, especially for e-commerce platforms. Building a responsive e-store that will work great both on desktop and mobile will enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

Apps for marketing and promotion service image

Apps for marketing and promotion

Mobile apps can also be powerful marketing tools to promote your products. Using them to provide loyalty programs and other valuable services builds the brand-awareness among your customers and helps you retain them more effectively.

Productivity apps service image

Productivity apps

Productivity apps are a variety of powerful tools that include office suites, time- and event management apps, collaboration software, automatization tools - everything that’s needed for optimization of a business and everyday routines.

Augmented reality and VR apps service image

Augmented reality and VR apps

Augmented and virtual reality technologies add a brand new layer of interactivity and user experience to your products. Improve your services or build an innovative product employing AR and VR features.

Web portals and news mobile apps service image

Web portals and news mobile apps

Even with the tremendous growth of social media, online news resources are still the most convenient and effective solution to deliver news to mobile and desktop users. Mobile news apps add even more flexibility to it.

Lifestyle mobile apps service image

Lifestyle mobile apps

Lifestyle mobile apps include messengers, fitness and healthy lifestyle apps, traveling apps, education solutions, dating apps, and many others.

Cinema mobile apps service image

Cinema mobile apps

Booking cinema and other tickets online is a common practice now. A mobile app together with mobile payment systems can move ticket booking experience on the whole new level, making it more accessible and fast.

Mobile gambling apps service image

Mobile gambling apps

People don’t have to visit casinos and other gambling establishments anymore to win real money. Mobile gambling apps for iOS and Android allow them to play online from any part of the world.

Medical app development | Agilie service image

Medical app development | Agilie

Medical mobile apps and websites are truly revolutionizing healthcare. Thanks to them, people can constantly contact with their doctors, log their health data, and receive valuable tips on staying healthy.

Automotive and car dealer apps service image

Automotive and car dealer apps

Extend your car dealing service and your customer base creating an online marketplace or target car lovers and regular drivers with other automotive apps like car service discovery, driver’s dashboard, traffic and route navigation apps, and more.

Digital insurance solutions service image

Digital insurance solutions

Mobile and web apps help insurance companies and agents make their services more transparent, better understand the target audience, and provide better services letting clients manage their policies and pay bills online.

Security and surveillance apps service image

Security and surveillance apps

Incorporate your video surveillance systems with native mobile and web apps building up an ecosystem that will make it much easier for your customers to remotely monitor their business, house, or private property.

Messaging apps service image

Messaging apps

Having implemented messaging functionality in a variety of our projects, including chat apps, we can handle any project dealing with voice, video, and text messages.

Home accounting and personal finance apps service image

Home accounting and personal finance apps

Budgeting apps help keep the record of a user’s finances via mobile devices and web browsers. Users can effectively manage their both personal and family spendings.

Hotel app development service image

Hotel app development

Develop a mobile or a web app for your hotel business and provide quick and convenient booking services, loyalty programs, and online payment systems to your customers.

Energy saving solutions service image

Energy saving solutions

As the Internet of Things keeps trending, energy management systems gain more relevance. Using a mobile or a web app, people can keep track on power efficiency at their homes and other places.

Mobile TV services service image

Mobile TV services

Video streaming technologies make classic TV format and cable subscriptions obsolete and costly. Modern streaming platforms offer flexibility and on-demand content viewing, which allow people to choose when and what to watch.

Educational apps service image

Educational apps

Educational mobile and web apps are a convenient communication channel for both teachers and students. Coupled with video streaming technologies, they are a great tool for organizing webinars and live conferences.

Adaptive Web Design service image

Adaptive Web Design

With the growing mobile device market, more people prefer surfing the internet using their phone or tablet over the usual desktop PC. Applying the adaptive web design approach, we build websites that look consistent on any device screen.

Apple Watch applications service image

Apple Watch applications

Extend your app’s functionality by developing a companion app for Apple Watch or build a standalone app that uses Apple’s wearable tech to the full.

Apple TV app development  service image

Apple TV app development

Apple TV as a brand new platform presented by Apple. Powered by tvOS, Apple TV is a natural environment for live and on-demand video apps, lifestyle solutions, and games.