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    Advertisement is the engine of progress!

    There are some classic ways for big and small companies to communicate with consumers:

    • - TV & radio commercials;
    • - Print advertising;
    • - Media advertising;
    • - Outdoor & web advertising.

    Over the course of time these channels of communication are becoming less efficient because decreased users' interest for last years. That is why nowadays people get a so-called " informational noise " filter. Such filters can be overcome by interaction with a consumer. It should involve not only senses but thinking, logic and emotions as well. The thing is that mobile apps for business affect simultaneously all aspects named above therefore its results leave far behind classic advertising methods.

    Such kind of mobile advertising as a promo application is an effective marketing tool that passes information about your advantages to customers in a special remarkable manner, and creates high-level assurance of the company and its product. The mobile promo application can be just a part of a bigger promotional campaign; its main goal here is to attract clients' attention to the campaign. As most of mobile applications deal with entertainment and are designed to entertain users, their effect is normally impressive and long-term.

    Perception of mobile promo apps by user:

    • The user is involved into a dialogue.
    • Exciting and unobtrusive product.
    • Interesting and fascinating app on the phone.
    • The flow of information is under user❜s control.
    • Informational noise excluded.

    The advantages of promo mobile apps development

    • The user interacts directly with your campaign.
    • Highly effective mobile marketing tool (surveys, preferences, analytics, etc.).
    • Interaction with the most relevant solvent audience.
    • Convenient advertising tool for reaching the target audience.
    • Brand loyalty increasing, and as a result you get sales growth.

    The success stories of mobile technologies in advertising campaigns:

    Zippo was one of the first companies that released a promo application — Virtual Zippo Lighter which is an awesome simulation of a real lighter. It's up to a user what lighter image to use and how to customize the app for their enjoyment. The program has received more than 190 thousand reviews and feedbacks from users.

    Another splendid example of mobile apps for business has been created by Coca-Cola. It is a bottle that predicts future and knows answers to all questions. You can get to know your future simply by shaking the bottle along with your phone. It is a simple but fascinating solution.

    A mobile app from AXE is one more notable example of an amazing program where a user is offered to shake maracas using the phone in order to see fire-dancing girls.

    Place an order to develop a promo mobile app by Agilie company and you receive:
    • Creativity
    • Exclusive design of a mobile application
    • Testing working capacity of software product after its development
    • Warranty support of the project
    • Clear working scheme with high-quality assurance and timing of the development.
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