How to Make Apps Like Health4me

We’ve already written a lot about the importance of medical app development. Now it's time to take a look at the market leaders so that you could follow their cue. 

Undoubtedly, today the most popular mobile healthcare service is the one named Health4me and aimed to simplify the process of health monitoring. This raises the question of how to make apps Like Health4me. Let's master the subject at length.

medical app development

Types of healthcare apps

If you want to develop an app like Health4me, you need to start with market research. And nowadays you’ll meet the following types of mobile health apps.

#1. Remote health monitoring apps

These mobile healthcare apps are focused on people suffering from different chronic diseases (diabetes, CHF, etc.). Their task is to make things easier for such a sick person, to help him monitor his health in a better way. 

Services of this type include:

  • online communication with the clinic;

  • constantly updated information content (may contain data on diseases: symptoms, treatment methods, diagnostic systems);

  • the system of automatic reminders (as you understand, people with poor health should constantly take medication);

  • Interactive disease symptom tracking;

  • ECG viewer;

  • Telehealth services;

  • services for people suffering from diabetes;

  • online heart check;

  • oxygen level monitoring;

  • a special tool to monitor vital health metrics.

#2. Physician mobile apps 

These healthcare applications are targeted at both doctors and patients. Loosely speaking, such apps help doctors and patients "find each other", simplify their interaction, and, as a result, improve the effectiveness of the treatment process. Among other things, a mobile app of the sort would come in handy if a user wants to find the right medical expert, appoint a meeting with a physician, etc.

#3. Healthcare apps for Urgent Help

Urgent help mobile apps are extremely useful for emergency cases when a person needs immediate medical assistance. The service will help a customer find the nearest emergency room, make an emergency call, etc. As a bonus, these types of healthcare apps can save a lot of human lives.

#4. Doctor-oriented healthcare mobile apps

It's a great mobile tool that doctors can use with clinical and diagnostic purposes in mind. It should include such features as:

  • Analysis of the symptoms of the disease;

  • Viewing MRI, X-Ray, and other digital clinical images;

  • Studying laboratory test results;

  • Display of electronic charts.

#5. Drugs Monitoring Apps

The effectiveness of the treatment methods depends on how strictly we're following the doctors' prescriptions. Among other things, it’s very important to take our drugs at regular intervals... alas, few of us have a good memory: we forget about our healing pills, as a result, we’re not recovering... These healthcare mobile apps are designed to solve such a problem. They not only help to track taking the drug but also provide access to a huge database of medications with a detailed description of each one.

#6. Mobile health service as a reminder

The service is similar to the previous one but of a more general type. Now we’re talking about a health monitoring app, a reminder aimed at controlling your health condition. 

Do you need to take your medicine or visit a doctor? A special mobile app will admonish you in advance about these and other tasks related to health monitoring!

app like Health4me

#7. Information mobile health applications

These mobile healthcare apps are most popular among doctors. However, ordinary users might find such a service helpful too. It offers an ICD-9/10 reference guide, different specialized medical informational materials, etc. The main thing is to update its content regularly so that it would remain relevant.

#8. Health and wellness apps

Agree, with the healthcare and fitness tools at your hand, it's so much easier to lead a healthy life (which is a popular trend now). Therefore, apps for monitoring well-being are now in extremely high demand.  

There are heaps of ideas of the sort, such as:

  • Pregnancy monitoring

  • Healthy eating assistance

  • Fitness service

  • Sleep monitoring

  • Weight loss help

  • Vital signs tracking

  • Assistance to quit the habit (alcoholism, smoking)

  • Relaxation/Meditation

Of course, the above division into types is very conditional. It gives us an understanding of what exactly a modern user expects and wants to get. Undoubtedly, the information would be helpful if you want to create an app like Health4me.

And now let's take a deeper look at the Health4me mobile app. What makes it special and popular?

What is Health4me?

healthcare app like Health4me

As we've said at the very beginning of our article, Health4Me is designed to provide its users with a convenient tool to monitor their health. Finding doctors or drugs, calling urgent medical care, prescribing a drug: the list of app features is huge.

The application was created in 2012 by UnitedHealth Group, the largest US health insurance company. Established back in 1977, UnitedHealth Group has more than 100 million customers now, and not only in the United States.

By the way, the company was originally called United HealthCare Corporation and only in 1998 became the UnitedHealth Group.

The United HealthCare Corporation has many achievements in the field of medicine and healthcare, and some of them have been awarded prestigious rewards (the first of which was received in 1996). Moreover, despite its long existence, the company doesn't want to remain conservative, on the contrary, it follows innovations. That's why the owners of UnitedHealth Group decided to create a healthcare app, the costs didn't matter:  the objective was worth the sacrifice.

Health4Me means:

  • Mobility. The 1st item is clear but still worth mentioning. In addition, the mobility factor is enhanced by geolocation features, which allows users to find nearby clinics, pharmacies, etc.

  • Personalization. Accessing user-trusted information, the health monitoring app offers customers the most personalized (and therefore effective) approach. The user gets exactly what he needs.

  • Security. The previous item on the list results in thorough user data protection. And Health4Me took good care of solving this problem.

The differential advantage of the Health4me app

What is the main advantage of this sought-after application? You need to sort it out if you want to build a healthcare app like Health4me and succeed.

So, we assume that Health4me success is based on 3 important factors:

  • Multifunctionality. Health4me isn’t focused on one thing, it affects many aspects concerning the control of one's health, and replaces several mobile healthcare apps. In other words, it allows you to fully look after your health including seeking external medical assistance, monitoring vital signs, etc. It also offers you different reminders, online help, and much more.

  • Ergonomic involving clear navigation and a user-friendly interface. Obviously, the healthcare application development process was carefully thought out. Focusing on the user’s comfort, the healthcare app developers had definitely taken into account every detail. As a result, users keep choosing the app in question preferring it to all others.

  • An effective marketing strategy. It's not enough to create an app like Health4me (of the same type and quality), it's necessary to skillfully promote it and attract the users’ attention. One needs to interest new users and keep the old ones. Obviously, Health4me owners know how important marketing is.

Also, if you want to build a healthcare app like Health4me and emulate its success, you need to choose the program features correctly. Let's see what can be recommended as the best options.

Health4me mobile app features

According to Health4me, must-have features include:

  • Registration (account creation) is an obvious step, allowing the user to access all program features.

  • Finding the nearest centers of emergency medical care, ambulance stations for accidents, and so on. 

  • Assessment of medical care cost. The next feature of the healthcare application helps the user to draw up his budget so that he won’t have to spend extra money.

  • Checking account balances. This is one more good tool of Healthcare apps; such a feature is also (like the previous one) great for saving your user’s budget.

  • A searching tool aimed to help users find doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, etc. The ideal option is the offered possibility to choose objects with certain filters (location, specialization, price segment, etc.): these filters simplify the search for a doctor with your app.

  • Online chat. The feature allows users to communicate with you in order to get the information they’re interested in. Of course, it means you have to employ people to monitor your service in a 24/7 mode but it’s the only way to make a ten-strike.

  • Personal cabinet with all the data on one's health condition. A user can create his digital personal health record and, if desired, share this information.

  • Interaction with the clinic. Apps to communicate with the clinic are always in high demand. So yours should provide uses with such a must-have feature too.

  • The medical emergency call. Now we mean a more urgent case when the user needs not just to contact a particular clinic, but to get emergency medical advice right now, without delay. The Health4me mobile app was designed with this important factor in mind, which also added to its popularity.

  • Monitoring medical instructions and prescriptions. Due to this feature, the user can always check whether he has carried out the necessary doctor's instructions.

  • Searching for drugstores and filling prescriptions. The feature of the healthcare application can, too, come in handy for the user to look after his health properly.

  • Comparison of drugs’ prices. The feature will help the user to choose the best drug option.

  • Checking status of prescriptions. Now a user can see if he needs refills or renewals. 

  • Feedback. Such reviews allow users to express their opinion about your program or the level of medical services provided.

  • Healthy living. You can supplement your program with features, which will give users more possibilities to lead a healthy life: such as diet assistance, fitness help, etc.

Let's sum up: to develop an app like Health4me, you need to give users the possibility to… 

Types of healthcare apps

Other healthcare apps in the market

Before proceeding to specific tips on medical app development, we suggest taking a look at a couple of Health4me competitors.


Doctor At Home

healthcare app development

The application is aimed at users who prefer natural methods of treatment and need an electronic advisor who would offer them the best way to improve their health at home. The program also offers a quick search for information on diseases (which are divided into categories): symptoms, causes, and methods of treatment. Among other things, active users of Doctor At Home are learning to use natural herbs as an alternative to medicine.

Doctor On Demand

hire application developers for Healthcare app

Doctor On Demand is a very interesting and original example of healthcare applications. The program suggests replacing an expensive visit to a clinic or hospital with a virtual video consultation with qualified doctors (through your smartphone or another device). Medical experts are available round-the-clock, prices are moderate, and the app itself is free (no subscription required!). The idea is excellent, what do you think?


digital personal health record

Curofy focuses on doctors (we've discussed these types of mobile health apps earlier). The service helps medical professionals to stay up to date with the latest healthcare news, discuss complex clinical cases with each other, study online reference books, and so on.

Tips for developing an app like Health4me

Now we'd like to give a few general tips on how to make apps like Health4me. We hope our simple recommendations will help you find a way to popularize your mobile health service.

  • Explore the market. Analyze your competitors' strategies, and think about which of their ideas you can adapt or improve. Try to be always one step ahead.

  • Create a user-friendly interface. People don’t like to look for anything for too long, especially when it comes to health! Therefore, the longer they're trying to find the desired information, the more likely the app would be deleted. They’ll abandon it in favor of more convenient and intuitive mobile services provided by your competitors. If you don't want such a result, be sure to pay proper attention to each stage of the app development process.

  • Be simpler (in tune with your users). It means the content of the health monitoring app must be accurate, clear, and understandable to a typical user.

  • Use active promotion. The popularity of the most first-class application will be conditional on competent promotion. That’s why you’ll need to hire experienced marketers in addition to app developers.

  • Don’t forget about social media. Increase mobile app engagement through the integration of social networks. You can read more about this subject here.

  • Remember about constant updating. Move with the times improving your mobile health service and offering new features as well as the updated old ones.

  • Use push notifications. Don’t let the user forget about your application - remind about yourself through the push notifications. But don’t be too intrusive!

  • Process all the reviews. Don’t neglect the users' feedback: respond to everyone, react, if you’re able to fix something - fix it! Users would appreciate your initiative.

  • Offer promotions and discounts. From time to time, make your regular users interesting discount propositions.

  • Find the right way to monetize. The best option is to create Light and Pro versions of your program. Another good method to make money is to offer free basic functionality supplemented with several paid features. Anyway, a proper monetization approach isn’t the last thing to think of during the medical app development process (at least, if you’re the app owner).

  • Don’t forget about the security factor. In the end, you're dealing with personal customer data, and this information is very sensitive in nature (because it concerns health issues). So you should take care of reliable data protection.

How to make a healthcare application like Health4me

As you see, in order to create an app like Health4me, you need to have all bases covered.

So, you need to… 

  • hire application developers (for healthcare app creation);

  • cooperate with various medical institutions in order to gain access to their services;

  • employ a support team. These people are responsible for maintaining your app activity.

  • update the application constantly.

Stages of medical app development:

#1. Research. Conduct desk research. You can accomplish the task on your own or use the services of a professional company. The second option is more expensive, but the result will be more accurate.

#2. Requirements. Decide what type of healthcare app you want to get and prepare a detailed project development plan.

#3. Prototyping. This stage means creating the prototype that includes the wireframes of each app screen and the detailed user flow.

#4. Design. The design studio you’ve hired should provide your app with a clean and intuitive interface.

#5. Coding. The 5th healthcare application development stage is the most important one. Your app developers should implement your idea by writing clear and accurate code and using the latest IT technologies.

#6. Quality Assurance. The next stage is sometimes being neglected which is an obvious mistake. An experienced QA team is able to conduct a set of app testing processes and eradicate technical errors. All these activities are aimed to guarantee the high quality of the final product - your health app.

#7. Release. Your app should be published correctly and in time, that is as soon as it is ready.

#8 Support. The importance of the last stage we’ve already discussed.

Do you want to get a flawlessly working mobile health service without overpaying? If the answer is yes, choose our Agilie team! We know how to make apps Like Health4me (and even better!) and are ready to offer you our services. 

Thanks to our expertise and a qualified approach, mutual cooperation will be productive, and the result will exceed your expectations: you'll get a mobile service worthy to join top lifestyle apps!


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