Easy Way

    Easy Way is a digital service providing live and offline data on public transport routes and navigation in the cities of Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Moldova.

    How does it work

    The app stores a constantly updated database of city public transport routes and schedules, including those of buses, trolleys, trams, trains, and provides live data on transport movements. Easy Way also features a smart built-in A-to-B route search algorithm for creating custom routes and lets users track their movements employing GPS technologies.

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    Client’s idea

    To extend the existing Easy Way web service to iOS and Android platforms and get more geographical and demographical coverage.

    Requirements for the app

    Supported platforms:

    • Android (version 4.0 and later);
    • iOS (versions 7.0 and later).


    • data caching;
    • GPS-tracking for a user device and city transport;
    • mapping services integration;
    • API access to transport data.

    Design requirements:

    • to adopt the best practices of UI/UX design for mapping, traffic tracking, and route planning mobile apps;
    • the app design must conform to the platform guidelines and look consistent on any device.

    Programming languages:

    • Objective-C programming language (development environment is Xcode) for the iOS version;
    • Java programming language (development environment is Eclipse) for the Android version.


    The scope of app development services included:

    • backend software for sharing and storing data;
    • a set of API methods for system interaction;
    • a mobile app for IOS;
    • a mobile app for Android;
    • a data caching module for user settings and bookmarks;
    • GPS-tracking module.
    Easy Way

    Among Ukraine’s top navigation apps

    Key features of the app
    • A full list of top routes in all relevant cities.
    • GPS-tracking of public transport.
    • GPS-tracking of user’s movement.
    • Easy Way algorithm defines the optimal route to the given destination.
    • Route caching.
    App development cycle:
    Agilie, android applications development company project life flow image
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