What Is Uber and How Do You Use it?

Uber is one of the startups, which managed to totally change the taxi market. Nowadays all you need to order a car is to select two points on the map of the mobile app (where you are now and you move to) and wait for several minutes. There are no calls anymore, talks with dispatchers, and attempts to explain where you are standing. 

Let’s consider Uber’s model and useful features of the Uber app. It is going to be helpful if you are planning to launch your taxi application.

How Uber works

The company has become popular thanks to its mobile app and business model.  Uber’s application uses GPS to see your location. Then you just have to choose your destination. After that, all drivers around you get a notification, and the nearest one sends a response. It takes about a few minutes until the car arrives. Thus, you can count on Uber at any time. This model of work is called “on-demand”.

It is worth mentioning that Uber is not a traditional taxi company. It is just an intermediary between the passenger and driver. As you can see, such a system is working really well. In view of the fact that the taxi market is growing, it makes sense to run Uber-like apps.

Being only an intermediary allows solving a number of problems. A good example is a car accident. In such a situation, Uber avoids liability: it does not provide assistance and pay damages. Uber’s work mainly lies in app support and creating rules for passengers and drivers. However, of course, Uber could not neglect safety, so it cooperates with insurance companies.

At the end of your ride, you are able to pay easily for taxi services by credit card and estimate the level of comfort. Every client sees the driver’s rating and decides whether to go with him or not.

The story of success

The Uber service is present in more than 76 countries and 900 cities worldwide. It took a while to reach such a remarkable result. Two founders, Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, already had experience in doing businesses, so they knew how to avoid some mistakes creating an Uber startup.

The story began in 2008 when Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick tried to catch a taxi on a winter evening but to no avail. They decided to launch their own product. The market’s problems were clear and it was necessary to solve them. 

The first version of the Uber app was presented in 2009. In 2010, the founders got the first client from San Francisco. In 2011 Uber started the international “occupation” in France using mainly investors’ money. Soon Uber was working in 100 cities.

Today the company, besides taxi, provides the following services:

  • Uber Eats (food delivery);

  • Uber Freight (cargo transportation);

  • Uber Shuttle (rides on buses);

  • UberMoto (motorcycle rides);

  • UberBike;

  • UberBoat and others.

A simple guide to using Uber

  1. Open the mobile application or use Uber’s website (https://www.uber.com/us/en/ride/). 

  2. Input the data where you are going to in the “Where to?” box.

  3. Select the type of vehicle and get acquainted with the ride price (fares are ultimate).

  4. Select a payment method (in cash or by credit card).

  5. Tap the Confirm button.

  6. Make sure that your GPS works correctly because the pickup spot depends on it.

  7. When the driver picks you up and confirms the ride, you are able to follow the road on the map in the mobile application. You can share with others your location at any moment. It is one of the useful features of the Uber app.

Today Uber has ten types of vehicles:

  • UberX (a standard option for everyday trips, the maximum is three riders);

  • Comfort (with top-rated drivers);

  • Exes (premium, high-end cars);

  • UberXL (up to five passengers);

  • UberBLACK (luxury sedan, three people is maximum);

  • UberTAXI (a partner taxi cab, which can accommodate three riders);

  • UberSUV (up to five passengers);

  • UberLUX;

  • UberPOOL to share your trip with other people, the fare splits automatically;

  • Assist (a person with disabilities gets an UberX car and a personal assistant).

There is an option to cancel the booked trip but keep in mind that sometimes it is not free (if more than five minutes have passed). The amount depends on the city.

After your ride, the system will ask you to rate the driver from one to five stars. The rating influences the driver’s revenue.

Uber app features

Uber’s application is the main reason why the company has become so popular and showed a surge. It is important to analyze the app’s particularities, besides the opportunity to order a taxi.

  1. Trying to find the cheapest way to get home at peak hours. Perhaps, you have noticed the price increase at busy times.

  2. All actions in a few taps. The interface of the Uber app is user-friendly and convenient. You can easily add your home or work address to it and then every time just substitute them in the “Where to” form when ordering a car.

  3. Online tracking. Are you sending your child on a trip and want to be sure that everything will be fine? Then add your contacts to the child’s Uber account (the section “Trusted Contacts”). Thanks to that, you will be able to see the movement of your kid on the map. Keep in mind this feature for uber-like app development. Passengers are willing to pay more if they are confident in their own safety.

  4. Instant payments and fares splitting. The modern world is refusing cash, so just add your credit card to the Uber app and make payments easily. If you are not traveling alone, split up the fare with your fellows in several taps.

  5. Verifying your trips. Did it happen that you accidentally mixed up the car? Uber offers pin verification. You are going to have a unique pin code every time you are getting into a taxi to make sure it is the right car.

  6. Scheduled rides. Organize your weeks or even a month. You are able to order a taxi up to 30 days in advance.

  7. Multiple drop-offs. Just tap on “Add a Stop” to pick up your friends. You can do it even during your ride. Change or delete the destinations at your discretion.

If you are planning to launch your own taxi product, some of these features for uber-like app development are compulsory. The current situation is like there are many taxi companies with good mobile applications but they cannot cover the needs of all citizens. Uber has increased the number of drivers from two billion to three billion between 2017 and 2018. Unfortunately, that number wasn’t enough, given the outflow of more than 450 thousand drivers every month. The situation came off worse during the quarantine when people couldn’t order cheap cars.

Put aside any doubts about making a taxi company. Start from MVP for an app like Uber to create a well-working and good-looking application with awesome functionality. Our team is ready to help you.

Do you wish to get more details? Our article Step-by-Step Guide on Taxi App Development: Features And Business Model is going to be helpful.

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