Top FinTech Events 2024

In 2024, the fintech industry will gather at numerous events worldwide, each providing a unique perspective into the future of finance and technology. These conventions will be devoted to various topics such as digital advances, customer engagement, blockchain, AI and machine learning, process improvement, and many others. The collection in key financial centers around the globe will be quite profitable for learning, networking purposes, and showcasing the newer demos in fintech. They are intended to upgrade the sector.

Agilie, as a software development expert in the fintech industry, is excited to tell you about the top events this year to attend. Let’s explore them.

Finovate Europe

  • Date: 27-28 February

  • Place: Intercontinental O2, London

  • Price: £2,199.00 + 20% VAT £439.80

FinovateEurope is a leading fintech conference focused on cutting-edge financial technology innovations and networking opportunities for accelerated growth in the sector. With a turnout of over 1000 influential individuals, boasting more than 500 representatives from the financial industry, and showcasing over 35 fintech demos, this event offers valuable insights. Topics include sustainable finance, generative AI, financial literacy, AML regulations, identity authentication, and personalization. This gathering provides senior personnel from banks to investors with the perfect opportunity to engage in discussions centered around the future of finance while fostering connections.


  • Date: 28-29 February

  • Place: Dubai

  • Price: $1,199

The FiNext Conference gathers various professionals in the finance industry. It allows tech startups, SMEs, investors, and incumbent providers to share experiences and forge partnerships. The main topics of this event are banking security, corporate cash management strategies, and cloud IT platforms.

MoneyLive Summit

  • Date: 6-7 March

  • Place: QEII Centre, London

  • Price: €1,899.00 + VAT

The MoneyLIVE 2024 Summit delves into key banking and payments topics: the global economy, changes related to artificial intelligence and Web 3.0, innovative payment solutions, open finance initiatives, lending strategies, digital currencies, and the future of the CBDCs member countries' payment infrastructure. The summit also explores fraud prevention and using digital identifiers and anti-money laundering. Overall, it is a comprehensive event highlighting macroeconomic forecasts and presenting the latest developments in the industry.

The Financial Brand Forum

  • Date: 20-22 May

  • Place: Las Vegas, NV (Aria Hotel Resort)

  • Price: $2995

The Financial Brands Forum is aimed at banking and financial services professionals specializing in marketing, CX, data analytics, and digital transformation. The event provides valuable insights into achieving growth through the newest strategies, trends, and technologies in financial services.

Money 20/20 Europe

  • Date: 4-6 June

  • Place: Amsterdam

  • Price: €3,295 + sales tax 21%

Money20/20 Europe is a notable fintech event made up of innovations in the area of human and machine collaborations. The conference highlights the transformation of consumer and business interactions via technology, which aims to boost efficiency and experience anew in the financial domain. It attracts about 8,500 visitors, 390+ sponsors, and 350+ speakers from more than 100 countries, symbolizing its worldwide reach and source of various opinions and ideas to the fintech industry.

Insurance Tech & Innovation Conference

  • Date: 12-13 June

  • Place: Chicago, USA

  • Price: $899

The Insurance Tech Innovation Conference highlights improving customer experiences using modern engagement models such as chatbots, omnichannel assistance, and other innovative solutions. Attendees will explore how digital changes have disrupted traditional insurance processes using analytics, blockchain technologies, and cloud systems. It also covers process transformation through RPA, legacy system modernization, automated compliance, and developing a roadmap for claims transformation and virtual claims handling. 

Fintech Devcon

  • Date: 7-9 August

  • Place: Austin, Texas

  • Price: $995

Fintech DevCon is an esteemed gathering for developers in the fintech field. The event equips attendees with practical tools, best practices, and insider information from experienced current practitioners while strictly adhering to a no-sales pitch guideline. This conference strives to provide comprehensive insights into technical elements of fintech development through informative sessions that delve deeper into rising technologies, new methodologies of development, and inventive solutions pertaining specifically to this domain.


  • Date: 9-11 September

  • Place: New York

  • Price: $2,698

FinovateFall focuses on the forefront of financial technology innovations, featuring over 70 product demos on a wide array of financial services technology, including blockchain, digital banking, and AI. It highlights 100+ innovators addressing the current financial climate, offering insights to navigate future challenges. The event is a hub for meaningful connections, with over 50% of attendees from financial institutions, including representation from the top 10 US banks. It's an essential conference for staying updated on fintech advancements and networking within the industry.

European Blockchain Convention (EBC)

  • Date: 25-26 September

  • Place: Barcelona

  • Price: €1,999 + 10% VAT

The European Blockchain Convention covers digital assets and finance, including tokenization and CBDCs; Web3 technologies such as the metaverse and NFTs; infrastructure developments like smart contracts and DApps; policy discussions on regulation and standards; and blockchain enterprise applications in supply chain and identity. It gathers industry leaders to discuss the future of blockchain in various sectors.

Money 20/20

  • Date: 27-30 October

  • Place: Las Vegas

  • Price: $3,999

Money20/20 is a major event that seeks to bridge the gap between humans and machines in the financial sector to transform consumer and business interactions. It gives a podium to the top sector leaders and the outcasts to elaborate on the future of money, including digital currencies, payment innovation, and fintech solutions. The event provides a platform for the participants of the global money ecosystem, such as banks, financial services, and financial tech startups, to explore new ways of collaboration and innovation.

Fintech Talents Festival

  • Date: 11-12 November

  • Place: London

Fintech Talents Festival covers innovation in financial technology, including discussions on digital banking, payment technologies, regulatory challenges, and the impact of emerging technologies like blockchain and AI on the fintech industry.


2024 is rich with leading fintech events around the world. For experts who desire to be abreast of the latest developments in the fintech area, these knowledge databases offer a new level of detail as regards new technologies, strategic plans, and networking. Agilie, as a fintech industry software development expert, has prepared a list of the most significant events in this sector that will provide companies with information on trends and news to innovate each enterprise.

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