From Concept to Reality: NFT Game Development Explained

The popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) used in games has been one of the significant changes in the gaming industry. The evolution of NFTs within the gaming sector underscores a broader shift towards more inclusive, interactive, and rewarding gaming experiences. Agilie, as a software development company, explored the dynamics of NFTs, from their initial adoption to their role in fostering a new era of gaming, to implement the most advanced technologies and create more exciting, interactive, and secure gaming solutions.  

Key Takeaways
- NFTs have opened a new era in gaming by allowing players to own, trade, and exchange digital assets supported by blockchain.
- The number of users in the NFT market is predicted to reach 16.35 million by 2028.
- The significant impact of the NFT’s future in gaming depends on security, scalability, and a safe environment for players. Our team implemented them at Lolypto to meet the latest requirements.

The Introduction of NFTs in Games

Blockchain technology creates NFTs that determine every token's authentication, ownership, and origin. In traditional games, such items, like skills, skin, weapons, or characters, are limited and are controlled by the game developers. NFTs remove this limitation so that they can be bought, sold, and exchanged within and outside the game. Blockchain technology’s transparency, traceability, and security eliminate the risks associated with digital property (e.g., identity theft and unauthorized access).

The Evolution of NFTs in the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is increasing, as is the demand for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and NFT marketplaces. We have explored the main NFT evolutionary stages in the gaming sector:

  1. Initial adoption. NFT appeared in the middle of the 2010s. In 2017, the CryptoKitties game was launched and gained popularity. It allowed gamers to own NFT cats on the Etherum blockchain with the ability to buy, accumulate, breed, or sell their virtual cats as a form of investment.

  2. Growth and expansion. After the previous NFT-related games' success, developers have begun to incorporate these tokens into the context of a wider variety of game assets (characters, skills, weapons, and virtual lands). This step started creating more complex blockchain-based games and virtual worlds like “Decentraland” and “The Sandbox.”

  3. High popularity. Gaming companies and startups started using NFTs as an interactive feature of their games and platforms. However, supporters and opponents of the measure were there to voice their opinion. The first ones considered it as a technical breakthrough. In contrast, the second one cast doubt on long-term ecology, gameplay, and community prospects and intensified speculation on the crypto market.

  4. Innovation and diversification. The developers already started working on the elaboration of new game formats. In addition, the focus is on avoiding the environmental impact of NFTs through more efficient blockchain technologies and exploring a fusion model that combines traditional games with blockchain elements.

Is the boom of NFT likely to last in the future? Absolutely! However, the impact will manifest in strengthening regulatory standards, ethical practice, security, and innovation.


Agilie develops NFT gaming platforms that are technologically advanced and user-centered. We explore new ways to incorporate NFTs into games, follow trends, and apply our years of experience to create successful projects.

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Agilie's NFT Gaming Innovations

In this burgeoning era of NFT-driven gaming experiences, Agilie stands at the fore, translating these evolving trends into tangible, innovative gaming solutions. Our team of passionate and dedicated people has created a fascinating game called Lolypto, and we are eager to share our experience and all the insights. Please get comfortable, and let’s discover our successful project together.

We are excited to share our Lolypto development experience!

Introduction to Lolypto

Lolypto is Agilie's innovative NFT and AI-based Chat game app. Using live video streaming, AI, and NFT technologies, it brings people and cryptocurrency together. Such a combination lets users enjoy playing while earning and increases the technology's familiarity with a wide audience.

The app is being developed for those who: 

  • are tired of boring cryptocurrency games but still want to game for additional money; 

  • are playing for relaxation and meeting new people;

  • are interested in collecting NFTs; 

  • want to be a stakeholder in an ambitious project.

Lolypto is a Web3 game based on the “You laugh, you lose” concept where users play with real people using NFT characters. They can sell and buy NFTs with their wallets and win real coins.

What makes Lolypto unique among products? This game: 

  • allows users to purchase cryptocurrency via third-party services (like Moonplay and Circle); 

  • uses AI to determine whether users are smiling; 

  • integrates the play2earn concept based on BNB and users’ own tokens; 

  • is based on video chatting with friends or real people worldwide.

NFT Integration in Lolypto

Joker is an in-game character that players can upgrade with NFTs, level up to earn extra benefits, and sell some items. The NFT items add additional points to the Joker’s attribute. So, let's explore what exact items can be bought and sold as NFTs.

Joker Attributes:

  • Stamina: number of daily games.

  • Craziness: cost (in earning tokens) to repair the joker.

  • Elegance: the higher the points, the higher the earnings.

Joker Skills:

  • Sound effects.

  • Animations.

  • Voice changer.

  • Face effects.

Joker Classes:

  • Common (basic sounds and animations).

  • Rare (unique sounds and animations).

  • Epic (face masks).

  • Legendary (voice changer).

Joker upgrade types:

  • Buy and assign items.

  • Buy Level up and allocate points

The variety of NFT elements allows players to diversify their game and earn more.

Marketplace and Economy in Lolypto

The architecture includes the possibility to support different blockchains, which is a priority during the investment-raising period. Initial minting costs for the vast amount of NFTs that are not needed. Agilie’s team developed a layered mechanism that enables us to produce multiple NFTs (currently, we can generate more than 15 million NFTs, but it can be increased easily). We made it a point to maintain the solution to be fast and scalable.

Earning token has an unlimited supply and is earned when a user plays a Video Chat Game. 

Token Burning mechanics:

  • Heal Joker.

  • Level Joker up.

  • Assign items to characters.

  • Remove the item from the character.

  • Buy more daily games.

The initial solution on Binance blockchain is keeping security as a top priority. We have encrypted all data, especially custodial wallet Information and the rest, via many AWS environmental tools. Both frontend and backend parts are communicated through authorized security protocols. Two-factor authentication is used to protect users from losing their coins. One of our most important tasks and desires was to create a safe and player-driven economy.

Discover how blockchain is transforming payments.

Development Solutions and Challenges 

The Lolypto project team includes 10 developers who share their experience and passion to finish this project in 6 months. They provide the following solutions:

  • Conduct the discovery phase to know everything about competitors.

  • Make technical research to create a prototype.

  • Collaborate based on the flexible SDLC.

  • Integrate class-based gamification to remotely change configurations, game balances, and setups A/B testing.

  • Distinguish the smile probability using the AI model.

  • Publish native-based applications in iOS and Android stores.


What about challenges to overcome? Well, the development team:

  • Tested more than 20 SaaS solutions with different approaches.

  • Implemented elements of several different methods that rely on ML-kit, dynamic configuration, extra cloud-based solutions to confirm the prediction, internet speed connection, distance between camera and player, lightning, anti-fraud, etc. 

  • Made Lolypto check the content to avoid exposing fraud, nudity, abusive users, etc. 

  • Collected necessary game analytics to measure and predict player's behavior.

Impact of Lolypto on Gaming Trends

Lolypto contributed to current gaming trends: Web3, NFTs, AI, and social responsibility. Lolypto is a Web3 game with an NFT concept  security and creating a safe play-driven economy. It uses AI to distinguish users’ smiles and has AI-based chat. 

Lolypto relieves stress, anxiety, and depression, and what is even more important is donating a portion of its proceeds from sales to charitable organizations to help fight for suicide awareness and prevention.

The app users can also get involved in crypto philanthropy by auctioning off their NFT Jokers and donating to a crypto-friendly nonprofit. NFT Jokers are not just fun to look at and collect, they could be directed to help save lives.

So, Lolypto is an innovative force in the gaming industry, influencing future trends in AI, NFT integration, and social responsibility.

Agilie is a software development expert that provides businesses with the best industry-focused solutions.


The evolution of NFTs in the gaming area indicates how the future gaming experience could be more inclusive, interactive, and rewarding. Our NFT research and implementation have brought us knowledge of the market, and the years of working experience allow Agilie to make each product very special. We provide blockchain software development services that shape the future.

Thanks to the combination of AI, real-time video streaming, and NFT tech, Lolypto represents our idea of creating fun, exciting, profitable, and socially responsible games.

Innovation, security, and player satisfaction are central to our pursuit, and we can’t wait to start new projects that will improve the gaming experience. 

Be a part of this amazing journey with us as we move to reshape the gaming world. Contact us!




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