7 Best Celebrity Look Alike Apps To Capture Your Inspiration

Although each person is unique, most of us have some kind of twins or counterparts: people who resemble us and have similar facial features. Moreover, we can find our doubles even among world-famous persons (actors, musicians, and others). You just need to resort to the help of modern digital technologies, namely, celebrity look-alike apps.

Users are really enjoying such services: they have much fun finding their famed counterparts and posting the search results on social media pages. And these users can be easily monetized so that they could bring profit to the app owners. Isn't it a reason to develop the celebrity look-alike application of your own?

But before you proceed with your project, take your time to analyze the modern market and see what it offers. In other words, who are you going to compete with?

If the topic is of some interest to you, read our article. We’re sharing our expertise and describing 7 top applications with face recognition features. Also, you’ll learn the easiest way to make these services a good investment.

Why Develop Celebrity Look Alike Apps?

Should you bother developing a celebrity lookalike app? Are you in a position to attract enough users to make the whole venture profitable?

Yes, you have a chance to win your audience, because… 

  • People love to have fun! And the opportunity to find your doppelgangers among world-class celebrities is true entertainment.
  • Users don't mind experimenting with filters and settings to better their photos. And many celebrity look alike app solutions offer such a great option. The best example is the Faceapp application, which gained huge popularity in its time.
  • Apps of this kind provide a way to vary our Facebook and Instagram pages with new cool posts.

The summary is clear: if you manage to create an application with Faceapp recognition technology, you'll be golden. Your program will analyze the user's photo and look for his or her famous twins using the celebrity face(s). 

Though, we should discuss the operation principle in more detail.

How Do Celebrity Look-Alike Apps work?

Let’s start with the basics: what do you need to do to find pictures of celebrities to tell which celebrity you look like?

  • A device with an installed face recognition app and access to the Internet;
  • Your own selfie. You don't need a full-length photo, just your face is enough (though, the photo must be taken from the front). Also, the background in the image should be as neutral as possible (white, gray, etc.). These factors affect the reliability of a further search.

What is the principle behind celebrity look-alike apps?

These applications are usually based on artificial intelligence and resort to machine learning technology to compare users' faces with those of famous people.

The very process of finding your double includes the following steps:

  1. You open the application and upload your photo (which meets the criteria outlined above);
  2. The system analyzes your photo and compares it with the pictures of celebrities stored in its database;
  3. The program deduces which images have more matches and gives the results to you.
  4. Top Features of Celebs Apps

Typically, the functionality of such applications provides several key features:

  • uploading an image (selfie) from the photo gallery;
  • the possibility to take a photo without leaving the application (the user must give the service access to the camera of his smartphone);
  • addressing the celebrity base and search for matches with the user's photo;
  • photo editing. This feature set isn't a must-have, but it can be a useful competitive advantage helping the program stand out from other celebrity look alike app solutions. Such a set allows bettering the image with filters, contrast changes, etc;
  • information about the uploaded photo. Some services can provide some basic information on the processed image: a person's gender, age, etc.

7 Best Celebrity Look-Alike Apps

Okay, let’s get started!

#1. Gradient

Develop Celebrity Look Alike App

One of the top celebrity look-alike apps is Gradient. Lately, the application has been actively capturing the headlines, so to say, and acquiring vogue. Its task, as you've probably already guessed, is to show which famous person you are most similar to.

A brief history of Gradient

Gradient was created by a Ukrainian startup of the same name several years ago. At first, the application was simpler in terms of functionality, but the developers didn't stop there and continued to improve their service. After one of the updates, the program had received a new cool AI-based feature needed to analyze a user's photo and look for his or her counterparts among celebrities. And the app’s popularity had skyrocketed at once.

By the by, showbiz stars themselves helped to increase the demand for the service. They enjoyed using Gradient and publishing search results on social media pages. Thanks to this, the application took first place in the App Store and Google Play ratings.

How the Gradient app works

Top Features of celebrity look alike apps

To develop the celebrity look-alike application, you need to understand how it works. We’ve already discussed this topic earlier, but it’ll be useful to know which method competitors are using. So let's consider Gradient's operation principle.

According to Gradient's creators, it resorts to artificial intelligence technology to find similarities with maximum accuracy.

In fact, everything is extremely simple: the neural network analyzes the user's photo and refers to the application's database to determine a celebrity with more or less similar facial features. Then the program literally transforms the user into the found person.

Usually, the results are quite impressive, but sometimes Gradient seems to be joking. However, judge for yourself.

build an application like a celebrity look-alike


Anyway, users love Gradient, which they consider to be one of the best celebrity look-alike apps. They have a lot of fun turning themselves into celebrities and posting results on Facebook and Instagram pages.

The app is free in its basic version, but some of its features are only available with a subscription. 

celebrity look-alike apps

#2. StarByFace

celebrity look alike app solutions

If you really intend to build an application like a celebrity look-alike, you should also pay attention to another of your possible competitors, which is StarByFace. The app has a rather eloquent name, so users can understand its essence without further ado.

How StarByFace works:

  • First of all, you need to upload your photo using a website or application. You can also add an image by URL.
    • It is important to make sure the picture is a full-face portrait and looks clear. Otherwise, the app won't be able to find your celebrity counterpart. Or the results won’t be really accurate.
  • At the next stage, StarByFace, this cool face-editing app, analyzes the uploaded photo, examines the main features of the face, and processes the data obtained.
  • It remains to make a comparison with the database and give the result, showing which actor (singer, TV presenter, etc.) you are most similar to. Also, you’ll be able to see the percentage of similarity.
  • If desired, the result of the comparison can be posted on social networks.

best celebrity look alike apps

#3. Celeb Twin

Top Features of Celebs App

The Celeb Twin application is mainly aimed at iOS users. It has several helpful features that allocate the service among other celebrity look-alike apps:

  • Celeb Twin provides the user with not just one, but three celebrities that the person in the uploaded photo looks like.

  • The service allows the user to specify his (her) sex (it would help to avoid cases where a male user might find that he resembles, say, Cameron Diaz).

Develop Celebrity Look Alike App

#4. LookALike

developing a celebrity lookalike app

LookALike belongs to a very special type of celebrity look-alike apps. What is its peculiarity? We can explain right now.

To begin with, let's tell you one interesting story. Recently, a popular female blogger shared a video on her YouTube page in which she made up like Ariana Grande and walked in her new look through the streets of Los Angeles. Of course, she caught the attention of the public and won a lot of new subscribers. And if you want to follow her lead and get a similar experience, you have to use the LookALike app. 

LookALike will let you… 

  • determine which actor or actress you can copy best;
  • compare your photo with a specific character in a movie or TV series;
  • find out what anime character you look like. 

So if you're going to a costume party, LookALike would make a great choice. All you have to do is add your photo and wait for the search results.

By the way, why not develop a celebrity look-alike app of the same type too? It may prove successful!

develop the celebrity look-alike application

#5. Looky

Celebrity Look-alike Apps Ideas

Looky is incredibly easy to use and that's what's so great about it! 

Just follow the simple scheme of step, and you’re set:

  • at the first stage, you should take a selfie directly in the application or select it from the gallery of his smartphone;
  • the server searches and displays the results of matches with celebrities;
  • if you aren’t happy with the result, try again to find your counterpart. A second attempt may be more successful;
  • now is the time to share your search results on your favorite social network. It's simple, isn't it?
  • It is due to its simplicity that this service has become one of the best celebrity look-alike apps and gained its popularity. But keep in mind, it has its drawbacks either:
  • the free version of the application is only available for 24 hours; after the specified period, you have to buy a subscription or stop using Looky;
  • according to some users, there are too many ads in the application;
  • sometimes search results are too far from believable.

#6. Facer

type of celebrity look-alike apps

When thinking about developing a celebrity lookalike app, be sure to take a closer look at the Facer service, as it is also in high demand among users. And its popularity is well deserved, because:

  • the app provides three celebrities with whom the user has the maximum likeness;
  • each proposed option is accompanied by a percentage of similarity;
  • the program has a powerful database with pictures of famous people (actors, athletes, politicians, musicians, bloggers).

Application developers advise uploading a close-up photo of your face to increase the chances of getting a quality result.

How does celebrity look-alike apps work

#7. Who Do I Look Like

Faceapp recognition

Who Do I Look Like is also among the best celebrity look-alike apps. So we're going to complete our comparative analysis by describing this particular service.

Have you ever dreamed of knowing if you really look like, say, Justin Timberlake, as your friends assure you? The Who Do I Look Like app will help you find out if their opinion is true. It'll analyze your photo, examine such facial features as the color of the eyes and hair, the shape of the ears, and so on, and give you its verdict.

The main features of Who Do I Look Like are as follows:

  • the special machine learning algorithm, which  Amazon provides. It guarantees high recognition accuracy;
  • an extensive database containing portraits of 1,000+ celebrities; 
  • free access to top features of the celebs app in question;
  • convenient sorting of celebrity photos into numerous categories, which makes it easier to find propper matches;
  • constant improvement and updating of the program (among other things, the developers are working on expanding the database and speeding up the process of finding matches).

using the celebrity face

A Few Celebrity Look-alike Apps Ideas

Let’s fantasize a little about other ways to entertain a user and help him find his doubles of some sort. Why not, in the end?

Art: paintings, sculptures

One more popular type of celebrity look-alike apps is a service allowing the user to check if he has a double among the characters of world-famous paintings (or sculptures). The program compares the uploaded photo with a huge database that stores information about thousands of paintings and selects the most suitable option.

Among such programs is the Google Arts & Culture application released back in 2016. Initially, it provided an opportunity to follow the world of culture, but this wasn't enough to interest the proper number of users. And therefore, at the beginning of 2018, the developers added a new interesting feature to the service. So now users can find their counterparts in the masterpieces of artists of the past centuries.

For the record, this feature made Google Arts & Culture the number one downloadable app in the US App Store (a true success, which had been achieved in a fairly short period of time). It proves that developing a celebrity lookalike application is something to think about (after all, the heroes of great paintings are also celebrities of their kind, aren't they?).

face-editing app


Cartoons are really hot right now. So why not create an application able to tell the user what cartoon character he looks like? The results might be quite funny! Of course, the person who takes advantage of such a mobile service must have a sense of humor.

A program of this sort would especially appeal to the youngest users. And since kids are the most active mobile audience, conquering it would be a smart thing to do.

Do you want to know how to build a face recognition app? Then don't waste your time wondering, just follow the link and read our article!

Now let’s take a look at how celebrity look alike apps can make money.

How do celebrity look-alike apps make money?

Let's say you were able to build an application like a celebrity look-alike. But a project of such a high level doesn't come cheap, you know, and you'll have to fork out pretty much. So, you should think about monetizing your mobile service beforehand.

We offer you several main ways to make your face-editing app profitable:

  • In-app advertising. Advertising is one of the most reliable ways to make a profit, no matter whatever this is about... and various types of celebrity look-alike apps are no exception. All you have to do is find advertisers interested in using your application to promote their product or service. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to be successful:
    • The promoted product must meet the interests of users at least to some extent. Otherwise, ads will be ineffective, and advertisers may go to your competitors.
    • Don't overuse annoying ads. We're pretty sure you yourself have more than once dealt with applications stuffed with ad banners or videos. It makes you angry, doesn't it? Don't repeat other people's mistakes.
  • Subscription. Another way to monetize celebrity look alike app solutions is to offer the user a paid subscription. But you had better start with a free trial period, during which he'll get a chance to evaluate all the benefits of your service. Of course, you have to do your utmost and figure out the best way to impress your audience, to make your potential user willing to part with the money to buy your subscription.
  • Paid features. It's also a good idea to give the user a choice. That is, he can either take advantage of free basic functionality or pay for access to premium features. These features can include some special filters or other options to change one's photo.

celebrity look alike apps can make money

Our analysis is complete, and it's time to proceed to the next step, which is mobile development. Do you agree with us? Then let's collaborate! 
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