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    Mobile solutions for insurance

    Smartphones are important part of our everyday life. Day by day they are able to solve more and more of our problems. So every smartphone user wants to access any service they need easily and quickly.

    A website & mobile app which give an opportunity of remote maintenance for users is an important component of the image of any insurance company. Moreover, availability of modern & convenient service enhances the loyalty of existing customers and helps to attract new clients. In order to be closer to customers many insurance companies develop special applications which make cooperation with customers more convenient and innovative.

    According to the research, 40% of search for insurance services are done through mobile devices. Research by Nielsen shows that every 4th mobile search connected with insurance services is completed by the settlement. Today there are more than 800 apps in the apps store connected with insurance services.

    Benefits for the user of the apps:

    • Contacting insurance company in case of insured event
    • Sending notifications about the event and photos of damage to the contact center
    • Following the news and discounts
    • Finding the nearest office or service center, viewing its location on a map
    • Getting acquainted with the list of insurance services provided by the company
    • Calculation of prices of insurance policies
    • Economy of the time and efforts

    Benefits for the owner of the apps:

    • Extending services to the customers
    • Growth of the clients’ confidence and loyalty
    • Attraction of new clients
    • Modernization of the service
    • Increase in profits
    • Improved competitiveness
    • Clients’ access any time and anywhere
    • Protection of the clients’ lives and their properties

    Importance of mobile insurance apps

    Mobile technologies have great influence on our life. They are a good tool to operate tasks, warnings and notices, concerning our health. Mobile insurance company is created in order to cooperate with clients in a more friendly and convenient way. Modern and clear applications allow using insurance services online and also get the information on the services, shares and discounts.

    With the help of such apps users may easily access policies & make payments online. You will be able to look through insurance policies and ask questions through the smartphone. So, you can save a lot of time and effort. Now you won’t have to go to the insurance office. All insurance companies that think about their clients, create mobile apps. In such a way they also make it possible to attract new ones. The users of the apps will have clear instructions and warnings about policies prolongation. In car accidents these apps also will be very useful, because they get in touch with emergency services and show the nearest service centers.

    If you download mobile insurance applications from Agilie, you will receive warranty support and effective solutions and ideas. Only skillful professionals with a long-term experience work in our friendly team. We will help you to assess your needs, plan and manage those applications, which can satisfy them.

    With our help it is quite easy to determine the best mobile strategies. Our long-term experience in creating IT insurance apps will ensure the successful work of all your projects. We can create insurance website design, which is a very useful thing for agencies, companies and ordinary people. It will attract a lot of clients and help them decide their own problems. We make the apps not only convenient and functional, but also enjoyable. The users will get pleasure using these mobile insurance apps.

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