Shark Taxi

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Shark Taxi project unites mobile applications and an adaptive site for Ukrainian taxi service.

What’s special?

Shark Taxi is an automated system for the organization of taxi services. This system allows the customer to order a taxi as soon as possible, and the driver will immediately see and take the closest order.

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The case

Provide all stakeholders of taxi services (customer, driver, owner of the service) with an automated, convenient and affordable tool, taking into account the interests of each party.

Applications must be running on:

  • Android (version 4.X and above);
  • IOS (versions 5.X and above).

Design requirements.

Design must conform to the rules of use of the device on which the system will run (smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer). The design should be executed according to the provided brand book.

Programming languages.

The use of cross-platform development tools is excluded while the app is created. Development involves the use of "native" programming languages for device:

  • IOS - the programming language is Objective C (development environment is Xcode);
  • Android - the programming language is Java (development environment is Eclipse).


Development of software for computers, that includes:

  • server software for sharing and storing data;
  • a set of API methods for system interaction;
  • a mobile application for passengers of SharkTaxi, that controls the scheme of taxi orders;
  • mobile app for drivers of SharkTaxi, that controls scheme of taxi sending;
  • monetization modules of the business process;
  • module of data administration;
  • integrated sms-service for data validation at registration;
  • informational promo website.
Shark Taxi

is the single Ukrainian automated services taxi system.

Key features of the app
  • You always see information about your driver: photo rating.
  • Cost of order is calculated during the ordering process.
  • Interactive map displaying traffic in real time.
  • Use of plastic credit cards in the taxi.
App development cycle:
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