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    Provide passengers and drivers with an automated, convenient, and affordable mobile taxi service.

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    Project details

    Our team has been working on the project of this taxi-booking software since 2013. Initially, there was an offline taxi service that managed to gain a good reputation. To move with the times, the business owner decided to create an Uber-like application and strengthen his company position.

    The main goal was to successfully compete with other mobile applications for passengers and drivers and become a recognized market leader. To bring his idea to life, our future client had to find a professional taxi app development company. As a result, after a long search, he chose our team.

    We worked on the project from scratch and built a cool example of taxi apps. And we keep improving and maintaining it by adding new features and redesigning when needed.



    The client wanted the final product’s design to employ the best practices of designing a user flow for taxi and ridesharing services.

    Also, UI/UX had to follow platform guidelines to look consistent on all devices the apps will run on (smartphone, tablet, desktop) and matched brand book requirements.

    We've fulfilled all these wishes and created a car booking mobile app with an intuitive user-friendly interface.

    Agilie, Shark Taxi client ios mobile development company application link
    Agilie, Shark Taxi client ios mobile development company application link

    How is Shark
    Taxi different?

    At the moment, the company operates only in Ukraine and allows you to order a taxi via a mobile or web app locally. And Shark Taxi continues to evolve and grow.

    Among the advantages of the company is the kind of care and loyalty it shows to its users. Its purpose is to make a mobile app for Shark Taxi drivers and passengers the best service ever.

    Things to be
    proud of:

    We worked on the project from scratch and helped strengthen its position in the local Ukrainian market. Despite such impressive results, we continue to improve and maintain it.


    Successful trips





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    Building a competitive taxi application with such complex functionality demanded a non-standard approach to solving the problems we encountered. Here is a list of main issues.

    GPS data correction

    First of all, our developers were faced with incorrect route construction caused by inaccuracies in the GPS system. To solve the problem, our team decided to take full advantage of the excellent new Google product - “Snap To road API”.

    This feature accurately ties the route to the road on the map and aligns it by removing possible errors and extra sections of the path.

    Server load reduction

    Another task for developers was the need to reduce the load on the server. To do this, we implemented a cloud storage system and microservice architecture - technology being used as one of the options to scale an application.

    Now the taxi-booking app runs quickly, smoothly, and without various problems that may appear due to increased server load.

    Auto-capture system of orders

    We needed to improve the order distribution system in order to facilitate the work of drivers, to make it more comfortable. We used an improved algorithm for auto-capture and redistribution of orders, which entrusts the ride to the driver who is most suited to the task.

    Auto-capture of orders is carried out by a dedicated smart center that distributes them quickly, efficiently, and as accurately as possible. It takes into account a lot of parameters such as driver rating, his experience, distance to the client, car class, etc.

    Custom flexibility of admin panel

    The old admin panel wasn’t flexible enough. Therefore, we rewrote it taking into account additional requirements regarding the possibility of managing different user groups (admins, dispatchers, and other managers).

    Its main difference is a multi-level access system implemented using Angular 2 technology. The system allows adjusting access filters and managing data more efficiently.

    Real-time taximeter

    We also developed an advanced taximeter to track the coordinates without clarifying the endpoint. The route is being calculated during the ride, which would be an advantage of any online cab booking system: a user can order a taxi without specifying his destination.

    The real-time taximeter uses GPS data and Snap To Road API (the Google tool we’ve already mentioned).

    Agilie, Shark Taxi client ios mobile development company application link
    Agilie, Shark Taxi client ios mobile development company application link

    App for Passenger

    Ordering a taxi and a long-distance trip

    The order can be made by clarifying the main ride details.

    Tracking the driver's location

    Improve the quality of customer service.

    Chat and push notifications

    Ensure communication and notify passengers of important points of the ride.


    It can be made in cash, by card through Wayforpay, by bonuses.

    Bonus and rating systems

    Provided either for the ride or as a promotional prize.

    User History

    Thanks to this feature, the user can view and reorder his previous rides.

    App for Driver

    Adding documents

    It includes a driver’s license, car registration certificate, etc.


    The feature indicates whether the driver is ready to accept new orders.


    The ride invoice includes a number of numerous criteria.

    Rating system

    Drivers also have the right to express their opinion on the ride.


    Like a passenger program, applications for drivers should provide their users with smart notifications.


    The driver can see the history of the rides made.

    Agilie, Shark Taxi client ios mobile development company application link

    Admin Panel

    Passenger Management

    You can change the details of the passenger page, see the passenger status, his location on the map, etc.

    Location Management

    The section is divided into three groups (countries, regions, cities) and offers management tools for each of the locations.

    Driver Management

    All of the above applies also to Shark Taxi drivers. And there is a useful feature: the ability to set a filter by date and see the movement of drivers on the map during the day.

    Report System Control

    A successful business implies the opportunity to receive reports, and this section allows you to manage them: add, modify, view, delete, etc.

    Vehicle Type Management

    The section is designed to help in managing the car details: add, change, update them, and perform other similar actions.

    Driver Agreement Management

    This is an opportunity to view driver agreements, download a document in a convenient format, filter by name, and more.

    Trip Management

    The section allows you to view, filter, and delete rides. When filtering, such parameters as location, order date, status, and so on are taken into account.

    Employee Management

    The section includes two groups: admins and dispatchers.

    Agilie, Shark Taxi client ios mobile development company application link

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