Shark Taxi

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    Shark Taxi is mobile applications for passengers and drivers and an adaptive website developed by Agilie for Ukrainian nationwide taxi service.

    How does it work

    Shark Taxi allows a passenger to order a taxi via a mobile or web app choosing the destination, preferable ride time, and additional car features. The app will calculate the price on the server side and send the order info to the nearest Shark Taxi driver.

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    Client’s idea

    Provide passengers and drivers with an automated, convenient and affordable mobile service, taking into account the interests of each party.

    Supported OS:

    • Android OS version 4.X or newer;
    • iOS version 5.X or newer.

    Design requirements

    The final product’s design must employ the best practices of designing a user flow for taxi and ridesharing services and follow platform guidelines to look consistent on all devices the apps will run on (smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer). The app’s visual style must be executed according to the brand book provided by the client.

    Programming languages

    We used native programming languages and development environments for each platform:

    • for iOS - the programming language is Objective-C (the development environment is Xcode);
    • for Android - the programming language is Java (the development environment is Eclipse).


    The scope of app development services included:

    • - backend server software for sharing and storing data;
    • - a set of API methods for system interaction;
    • - a mobile app for passengers, which lets them order a taxi;
    • - a mobile app for Shark Taxi drivers, which allows to accept orders;
    • - payment modules;
    • - a data administration module;
    • - an integrated SMS-service for login data validation;
    • - a promotional website.
    Shark Taxi

    Booking a ride in few seconds

    Key features of the app
    • Passengers can see their driver’s info: name, photo, and rating.
    • The cost of an order is calculated during the ordering process.
    • An interactive map allows tracking cars in real time.
    • Plastic bank cards payments right in the taxi.
    App development cycle:
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