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The Ultimate Guide to Educational App Development

They say that education is a guarantee of your future professional success. And we don’t mean a diploma in itself, we're talking about mastered skills. So, the main thing is to find the best way to obtain the knowledge you need. And educational apps may well become one of them.

On the other hand, for the app owner, these mobile training services can be a source of good income. One just needs to know how to create a learning app and make it profitable.

We will help you hunt down this question.

how to make an educational app

The main advantages of creating educational apps

Undoubtedly, educational apps are becoming more popular every day. Why? There are several reasons for this high demand. And if you're still thinking about why you need to create an app that provides a learning service, read the list below carefully!


  1. Always at hand. Learning apps are especially convenient because a user can use them for training purposes at any time and anywhere!
  2. Modernity. You must create an educational app if you want to offer a service that perfectly meets the needs of the community. In the end, modern users choose modern ways of solving problems, and mobile apps are just what they really need today.
  3. Efficiency. Undoubtedly, high technologies expand opportunities for obtaining knowledge most effectively, qualitatively and with comfort.

Types of educational applications

Before thinking about how to make an educational app, you need to find out what types of mobile learning services are most in demand.

#1. Apps for apprenticeship courses

This educational application usually accompanies a certain training course, supplementing it and thereby increasing its effectiveness.

#2. Educational apps for kids

It’d be very smart (and beneficial) of you to make an app for the education of children (for example, teaching reading, pronunciation, and other useful skills). Such services are very popular among parents who aspire to give their daughters and sons all the best.

educational app development

#3. Classroom education apps

Educational apps for students or pupils of all kinds are usually being used during lessons within a classroom. Such type of software serves as a tutorial material that facilitates the whole learning process for disciples. As for teachers, these educational apps can help them give instruction in their subjects more effectively.

#4. Learning apps for assessment

Learning app development can also be aimed at creating a service for testing students. It is a convenient way to evaluate their knowledge and give a proper estimation.

#5. Reference mobile apps.

The purpose of making apps of this type is to provide users with a comprehensive educational resource, including encyclopedias and dictionaries.

#6. Niche markets apps

Such apps can be very useful for specific learning goals, for example, for driving lessons, foreign language schools, medical programs et alia.

#7. The educational app for teachers

Of course, you don’t need to ignore the teachers as well. And in this case, educational apps development should be guided by other criteria, namely, assistance in making up programs of instruction, and improving the effectiveness of the teaching process.

Educational app features

Let us suppose that you are determined to make an educational app and have already chosen its type. Now it's time to think about the features of your mobile service…

If you have any doubts, we are ready to help you find out what is most important to consider when making apps for the described purposes.

  1. User profile. Of course, every user of your application must have his own personal profile, where information about him and his success in learning will be kept. We advise you to provide the simplest system of registration (read about it below).
  2. Social networks integration. Today it is impossible to imagine a mobile app without implementation of this feature. In fact, it has several tasks, namely - to allow the user to…
    • register in your educational app with a few clicks by integrating all the necessary information from the social network profile;
    • share his achievements with friends.
  3. Push Notifications. This is another mandatory feature of the modern mobile app. Push notifications are an unobtrusive way to remind of oneself and increase the user engagement factor. What should you notify about? There are a lot of occasions: prolonged non-use of the application, the opportunity to get a discount, new interesting features, etc…
  4. Feedback. Reviews are sometimes negative and even aggressive, but they are also a great way to improve your application in accordance with the wishes of your users. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity!
  5. Scheduling system. Effective learning involves a systematic approach. Therefore, consider a convenient scheduling system when you develop an educational app. Break the learning process into a few logical levels and give the user a tool to plan his training.
  6. Search system. This feature will help the user navigate within the application easily and find the information he needs without unnecessary efforts. And the faster the user gets the desired result, the better the chances that he will keep your learning app.
  7. Interaction with friends. If your application becomes popular, you can turn it into a kind of miniature social network with the ability to add friends, communicate, share successes. Therefore, create your educational app with this factor in mind.

Of course, this is only a short list. Other features of your app can be defined more precisely after you have decided which mobile training service you need. If you want, contact us, and we will give you more specific advice for your exact case.

how to make an educational app

How to build an educational app

We offer you a simple scheme that will allow you to create apps of high quality; of course, you will need additional help from outside, and we will also talk about this issue.

#1. Educational app ideas

It all starts with a bright idea which is undoubtedly half the success. So do not spare the time and energy, try to think up something special and original.

#2. Market research

Check the originality of your idea. Do not be discouraged if it's not unique, such a result is almost inevitable! In addition, competition indicates the relevance of your future mobile service.

To avoid the possibility of getting lost among competitors, look for ways to stand out among them. What can you offer to catch the user’s attention?

#3. Testing educational app ideas

Test your idea among representatives of your target audience, whether kids, students or teachers. Ask if they are interested in your service. And if so, how do they see it, how should it look like? Use their tips when developing an educational app.

#4. Search for the educational app developers

This is an important stage which should include the following steps:

  • prototyping (creating a screen flow)
  • UI/UX design
  • development stage
  • testing
  • release assistance

We will discuss this issue in more detail below.

...But it is not enough to know how to build an educational app, you need to know how to improve its profitability.

We can give you some useful tips:

  • use real teaching methods. Education should be efficient! If you yourself do not understand the pedagogy, don't stint on the expert advice
  • game elements. Learning apps can be easily implemented as exciting games. And if we're talking about educational apps for kids, then this condition is especially necessary!
  • user-friendly interface. It should be simple, nice and clear. Again, this is very important when it comes to apps development for children!
  • compatibility with different devices. You do not know for sure which platforms (iOS, Android) your users prefer, so you should consider all the possibilities. But how to create educational Android and iOS apps? If you know nothing about coding, you'll need to hire a team that employs all desired app developers.
  • use bright graphics and interesting sounds. At the same time, ensure that the sound effect can be turned off in order to accommodate the needs of all customers.
  • offer a free version of your educational app to entice users: a trial program or a Light option (with the possibility of acquiring a full Pro service).
  • lessons should be clear, short, useful and rewarded. If a user has to spend too many hours doing the task, he will get bored, and boredom is dangerous when it comes to making apps. And, of course, don’t forget to reward the learner for the successful completion of the task. We guess a bright greeting sticker with a cheerful musical accompaniment would make a great reward and please the disciple.
  • keep an eye on competitors and follow trends. This rule is quite simple and clear: you should always be among the leaders and know what is in demand right now.
  • user experience comes first! Among other things, this means thinking about the user's needs... for example, some users have devices with very small screen sizes. So, when developing an educational app, you need to consider this factor and ensure that your content is readable on the screens of any resolution.
  • MVP model. If you have a lean budget, but you still want to develop apps, start with the MVP model. Later, you will have the opportunity to improve your mobile service.

What to look for in the developing an educational app?

So, what should you think about if you want to make an app? Of course, about the search for highly qualified educational app developers! It depends on them how much quality and effective your mobile service will be.

What factors should you pay attention to first of all?

  • Turnkey solutions. There is no point in hiring several teams to create an app. Find a company that offers a full range of desired services.
  • Work examples. Analyze the team's portfolio. Do they have enough experience in making apps?
  • Reasonable prices. Of course, educational application development cannot be cheap, but a high price does not always lead to high quality. Find the golden mean!

We offer you our services with certainty that you will be satisfied with our mutual cooperation, as Agilie team fully meets all the requirements described. To make sure of this, take a look at our portfolio and get acquainted with the experience of our experts. Undoubtedly, such a small study will arouse a desire to join our clients!

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