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How to find and choose a good web design company or hire a designer

How to find a good web design company? This question is being asked by each company that decided to create its own virtual representation on the Internet, simply stated - a site. And this is really a key question, because it may be said without exaggeration that you cannot move on not having qualified developers! So in our article, we tried to provide a detailed answer. Read and follow the instructions!

Selection process

Search for a developer is a responsible task taking a lot of your time and energy. But it is an inevitable process in case if you're not going to throw money to the wind. So carefully study all the offers and chose the best one.

Now then, how to choose a web design company or a web designer, what are the options? We can suggest you the next ones:

  1. The recommendation of friends. Perhaps, someone has experience of cooperation with developers. For example, if your colleagues are happy with the creation of the Internet resource for their company, they can advise you a tried and true web-studio or a website designer for hire. And you will have the real feedback on the finished project.
  2. Tender. Using the special services and sites, you can organize the selection of performers. And if you need a website of really high quality, you should be very careful choosing the companies worthy to be called for the tender participation.
  3. Choice through search engines. You can view designers portfolio and fine examples of the work of studios located on the first pages in the search engines. However, there will be fewer guarantees for the professional execution of the order. For this reason, read reviews for site development and thoroughly examine the finished projects of the agency (or a freelancer).
  4. Related sites and publications in the network. You can peruse the forums and read the articles, examine the competitors' sites — maybe some of them are ideal for your needs. In such case, you should ask a web developer who has created the resource you liked to build your website.

In any of the ways of searching for the suitable web studio or a quite skilled designer, correlate price and quality, time and money, and then select the best option. This is the first step in solving a problem how to hire a web designer of the high qualifying level.

Freelance designer VS Studio

Before proceeding directly to the selection of the optimal contractor, decide who you need for developing or updating your website? In fact, there are only a few options:

  • A single designer, often a freelancer working on himself. It's quite a budget option, and many people choose it only because of the affordable prices. We will explain below how to find a good graphic designer if the cost factor is of your concern.
  • Web-Studio. Of course, it's more expensive, that means extra cost, but the result is usually better: because a few diverse specialists including marketers and managers will be working on your project.

Both options have their pros and cons which we will detail next.

Freelance designer

First, you need to determine the pros and cons of cooperation with the freelance designer.

Cons of cooperation with the freelancer:

  • One person means one opinion. Several specialists working side by side in the studio all together have significantly more experience than a single designer. Besides, in the studio, most of the decisions are being taken collectively.
  • The lack of the office. Freelancers typically don’t have their own office which contains supporting material and different samples. In other words, they are deprived of conditions for professional collaboration with a customer. Aside from an office space with a comfortable working environment, a studio has another advantage: in the process of discussing details with the client, a developer can always engage an expert who will help you hunt down a particular question.
  • Insecurity. The main concern when working with a freelancer is that he can suddenly disappear. In practice, customers are faced with this situation quite often. So how to find a web designer in such circumstances? Just be careful and conduct the inquiry before making a decision.
  • Force majeure. Sometimes, there is a need to change a developer when working on the project (we can list a lot of options for such a necessity). In this case, the studio can quickly pick another specialist who will bring the project to the end, so a customer won't lose any time, money or nerves. As for freelance work, the site development usually stops, or the process is delayed. And it's painful perceived by the client, especially if we are talking about a commercial object which is always tied to a clear launch date.

But there are also positive aspects of the interaction with the freelancer! Let's talk about them.

Pros of cooperation with the freelancer:

  • Low price. The work of a freelancer, of course, is much cheaper than services of a web company. So this option is definitely for you if you're wondering how to hire a web designer of low cost.
  • Availability. You can find a freelancer working both at a traditionally office time and on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night. On the other hand, you usually have to wait until Monday to share your new idea with the designer if you're doing business with a studio.
  • Pliability. If you need any changes not taken into account earlier, the freelancer is more likely to bring them to the layout. Undoubtedly, such loyalty should not be expected from the large companies. However, the more experienced the freelancer, the better he understands that time spent for free could have been given to a paid project, so this advantage does not always work.

Web Studio

The studio is a team of the website's developers including designers and webmasters needed at different stages of the process.

How to find a good web design company? First of all, let's discuss the pros and cons of studios.

Cons of cooperation with a web studio:

  • The cost of creating a site by a studio is higher than if you choose a freelancer.
  • Project implementation period is longer. But this is due to the fact that the web studios use more careful approach to the process of developing the site. They have several stages of interaction between the performers and also obligations to other clients.

Pros of cooperation with a web studio:

  • The main thing is professionalism supported by a systematic approach to the development process and extensive experience in implementation of various projects.
  • A significant advantage in collaboration with a studio is the contract conclusion. So, you protect yourself from fraud at the law level.
  • As a rule, all the processes of the site development are regulated and documented. Consequently, you will always be able to know in advance the deadline for each development stage, and its cost.

After all, what should it be?

You cannot claim with certainty that creating sites is best to be entrusted to the studios or that freelancers would manage this task more efficiently. It should be approached from the point of view of the project magnitude and complexity of implementation. If you want to feel the comprehensive protection and be confident in the professionalism, choose a company. Thus, you’re employing an experienced team that ensures quality results. Of course, the cost to hire web designer would be lower but sometimes you should pay more today to earn more in the future.

If we’ve convinced you and now you're wondering how to choose a web design company, follow the tips below.

General tips

An improper and hasty choice of a design company leads to creating a site that brings no profits and also causes the company money troubles. The amount of damage through the poor site fault can be comparable to the material losses of a number of failed deals.

A company website consisting of a few poorly constructed pages serves as an anti-advertising and grants benefits only to the competitors.

If you want to avoid such a fate, follow these simple tips when deciding how to find a web designer or a good web design company:

  1. Draw up a budget. At this stage, you may not have a clue about how much it will cost to hire a web designer and build your project. But you definitely can answer the question about the maximum budget you are willing to contribute to the site development. This will determine the list of suitable contractors.
  2. Find out the main factors:
    • What sites does the studio specialize in?
    • Do web designers of the studio have enough breadth of vision to create a site related to your business?
  3. Examine designers portfolio thoroughly. Note the design decisions. If the agency performs only template projects, you're unlikely to get the individual and striking design. Review navigation: is it easy to navigate the site quickly, can you manage to find the necessary information? If the web studio fits these parameters, continue on.
  4. Read the reviews and comments. Perhaps the agency or a designer has a page in social media — read what other people write about them, whether there are negative reviews or recommendations.
  5. Be specific. Having selected the right Agency, specify the tasks and wishes clearly. It must be done as accurately as possible in order to avoid any misunderstandings. And remember: although the quality is not always dependent on price, a professional site cannot be cheap.
  6. Meet personally. After agreeing on the main points, it is advisable to arrange a personal meeting (or a video call using Skype or Viber). At the meeting, rate the professionalism of the designers in person and specify all the details left.

Hopefully, these tips will help you understand how to find a web designer (or an agency) you need so much.

A list of questions that should be asked

The following questions will help you understand whether the experts of a particular company is competent enough to accomplish tasks they are given.

So, how to find a good graphic designer (or a company)? Be sure to ask:

  1. Can we see your portfolio? Any respectable web company should be able to show you a selection of previously completed works. Ask your possible contractors to show three best sites that they are proud of.
  2. Do you have another work that you can show us? This question is up to test potential partners forcing them to think in the unusual situation. The company refused to show anything more is automatically considered as a failed option.
  3. As you consider, which sites are most frequently visited by our target audience? This question allows assessing whether the company is well prepared when keeping an appointment.
  4. Show us sites related to our sector that you really like. A good company usually has in stock a few links to the interesting and cool websites of other organizations in your field. So you can see if your tastes coincide.
  5. Describe how (insert the desired feature) will work in terms of Adaptive Web Design. Modern people use a lot of devices. Your site needs to handle these tasks by adapting to characteristics of any display.
  6. Tell us about the most popular web design trends of the near future. There is no clear answer to this question. The design is a field that has been rapidly developing and constantly changing. So what is the answer you need to hear? The one which will blend sufficient share of intelligence, understanding current trends and common approaches to the modern Internet design. Ask this question if you want to know how to choose a web designer (freelancer or working for an agency) of a really high qualification.
  7. Do you ever use non-standard technical solutions, and when and why? Companies involved in web industry should never be set at bay using only certain technical solutions. You ought to make sure that the web studio has explored various schemes to successfully achieve project goals.
  8. How much time do you need to create a site? Ask what factors determine the duration of the site development. Let the designers sketch out all phases and stages of this process in a few words.
  9. What functionality will a site lose when disabling Javascript and/or CSS? Good studios use a strategy of gradual expansion of functionality allowing sites to save basic functions even in the most extreme conditions.
  10. Can people with disabilities (e.g., vision loss) use company's websites? You should know that every site can be built with the hidden (invisible to others) capabilities making life easier for such people.


How to find a good web design company without making a mistake? Prick up ears, if faced with one of the following situations when interacting with a potential contractor.

  1. A studio or a private designer discusses only site design not asking how your Internet resource should be associated with the company business, what tasks the site has to tackle, which target audience it needs to be oriented to.
    • A business site is developed for profit, not for satisfying the aesthetic tastes of those people who pay money for its creation.
    • The website is created to meet the needs of site visitors in finding the information they want. And tastes of the visitors can be very different.
    • Find out whether the designers of the studio are smart enough to study out your business and create a site that will contribute to your company development.
  2. A web studio makes no warranties to this site or does not stipulate any conditions to ensure its operability.
  3. A web company is difficult to answer the question about the time of the website creation after receiving all content and technical specifications for the Internet resource. This is not an option for those who are interested how to find a good graphic designer.
  4. A web Studio offers to host a site on its own hosting, ie on its server, without guaranteeing the work capacity of your Internet site when moving it to another hosting.
    • What would you do if there is a necessity to transfer the site to another hosting for any reason? Would the site work on the new hosting (server) or would you have to redesign it again?
  5. On the official website, there are no materials designed to familiarize you with the approach of Internet studio to creating sites. Choosing such a company, you buy a "pig in a poke".
  6. A site of the studio consisting of only a few pages holds a high position in the ranking, but the number of site visitors and a number of viewed Internet pages are almost the same. Most likely, there was a cheat counter of site visitors.

Any of these items is an occasion to reflect how seriously the web design approximates to a solution of the problems. And maybe you should keep looking for a better option?.


  • A firm interested in obtaining a competitive site that brings a constant profit should discuss with developers not only site design, but also business matters: for example, how the web resource can be profitable and contribute to the development of the firm's business.
  • Don’t forget that the quality of a corporative website is a criterion of the level of the company itself and its business.
  • In any field, there are specialists with different skills: higher and lower. And this is true for web studios too. Pick a studio which qualification level is not lower than yours.

And remember: the success of any business partly depends on the right choice of studio for creating a site. So choose wisely and without rush.

We hope we answered how to choose a web design company correctly! If you still have any questions be sure to ask! We are always open to cooperation.

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