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    Hospital Website Development: 5 Reasons Why Your Hospital Needs a Website

    Today there is no doubt that all companies including medical organizations need their sites. It's impossible to imagine a successful clinic without its Internet representation. However, curiously enough, there are still those who do not understand the significant role a medical web resource plays. But this is by no means the only problem. And another one is how hospital website design should look like in order to attract the maximum number of visitors and increase owners’ profits... Let's consider these and other issues in order of importance.

    Reasons why your hospital needs a website

    A hospital web resource is currently one of the most important channels of sales of medical services and related products. More and more potential patients are looking for the necessary information on the Internet when choosing a particular clinic.

    website for hospital development

    As you can see, according to statistics, medical websites rank second on the list of leading sources which provide specific information about a healthcare condition. And it’s one more factor pointing that you should order the website development. And although it seems to be obvious, let's allot out 5 main reasons why your hospital must have a site.

    #1. A strong recognizable brand

    The site is an important point of any branding strategy. It is not only the main communication channel with the potential client but also the opportunity to create a distinctive image of a reliable clinic that employs highly qualified medical personnel.

    Of course, the website design for the hospital should suit the corporate style.

    #2. Competitive struggle

    By ignoring the possibilities of web resources, medical companies deprive themselves of a significant part of the customers' flow, and therefore they play second fiddle when competing with those hospitals and healthcare institutions, which make full use of the potential of the Internet. It means they do not receive significant additional income.

    #3. Always in touch with patients

    Thanks to the feedback form, you can constantly interact with your patients and find out their opinion about the level of provided medical services. The information obtained would help you with correcting errors in time and meeting the expectations of customers.

    #4. Customer loyalty

    A high level of service improved by constant interaction with patients which we've mentioned earlier increases customer loyalty. Of course, it is also very important to take care of the positive user experience. We’ll discuss it a bit later, though.

    #5. Hospital Marketing

    In order to attract the maximum number of patients to the clinic, you need to make your medical institution reputed. There are many ways to do this, and one of them is the promotion of the hospitals' website (the so-called hospital marketing). Moreover, most people prefer to seek a place to conduct treatment through the Internet.

    However, do not forget that a medical web resource is not the same as an entertainment one. In this case, it's about people's health, and you have no right to make a mistake. The hospital website development requires a special approach... Let's discuss it in more detail!

    hospital website development

    Requirements imposed on best hospital websites

    It is worth noting the main factors which must be considered when creating a new website for a hospital and healthcare company:

    • The requirements imposed on the professional presentation of the material, its completeness, and accuracy, are increased. It’s quite natural, because the price of incorrect information is much higher in the medical field, and therefore special attention should be paid to this issue.
    • On the other hand, the pages of hospital websites should be clear to the average user of medical services/products. As practice shows, a potential patient, as well as a purchaser of medical equipment or medicines, is particularly demanding on the completeness, clearness, and simplicity of information.
    • When creating a website design for the hospital, the cluster approach is of particular importance, in other words - the formation of partnership relations aimed to promote healthcare goods and services. This method allows us to provide a patient with a complete service of high quality.

    We've defined all the necessary requirements… and now we have the next issue. What features should we offer to please the hospital website visitors?

    It’s not enough to create a website, you need to create it modern! What medical web design trends are popular in 2019? Our article describes them at length!

    The features of the hospital website

    To ensure that your medical web resource brings you the maximum benefit, you need to provide the best user experience by offering the intuitive interface and helpful features.

    We advise you to consider the following features of your hospital website:

    • a detailed list of services and price list. This is the first thing that a patient is usually trying to find: what exactly you are offering and how much it costs.
    • booking an appointment with a doctor in the online mode;
    • online chat. The patient can communicate with the representatives of medical organizations and ask questions, which interest him (it's another point of your hospital marketing strategy).
    • the emergency call. A very useful feature which comes in handy when a patient needs to call in a doctor urgently.
    • interactive map. Such a feature helps the patient find your hospital without any problem.
    • blog. Devote one section of your hospital website to articles, which may potentially interest patients. It can be useful medical tips, treatment programs, methods of diagnosis, and other things in the same vein.
    • information about the doctors. Undoubtedly, your patients are not indifferent to which specialists will treat them. Help them to get the data they are interested in by giving all the details about each doctor: his experience, qualifications, awards received. It’ll also be advisable to indicate a doctor's schedule and provide a patient with a possibility to book an appointment with the expert immediately.
    • description of the hospital's departments.
    • 3D tour over the hospital wards. The feature belongs to the expensive but noteworthy ones. It would be a good addition to the hospital website design - patients’ll appreciate the chance to see your clinic in the three-dimensional format which can lead to a significant increase in the level of positive user experience.
    • online doctor's advice. Of course, the doctor won’t be able to make a full diagnosis using the online services of your hospital web resource but he can refer the patient to the right specialist or help in an emergency situation.
    • feedback form. A patient should have the possibility to get a channel with feedback. It'd be also smart to lead the "Question-Answer" forum. It’ll allow you to know the opinions and wishes of your patients much better.
    • the interactive advanced search to find the necessary information.
    • features aimed at doctors’ needs. Offer features focused on doctors to facilitate their interaction with patients and, as a result, improve the treatment process. The best medical websites for doctors provide such possibilities as online chat with a patient, video reviews of medicines, special means helping the attending physician monitor his patients, rapid calculations of medical formulas, etc.

    hospital website

    Now you have a medical web resource with a set of useful features... but how can you make it a source of your profit?

    How to create a profitable hospital website

    The best medical clinic websites are always profitable and can turn their ordinary visitors into real contacts (people who are ready to book an appointment with a doctor, request the consultation, etc).

    The profitable site of medical organizations means a great opportunity to:

    • attract target visitors (potential patients or customers of goods and services of medical purpose);
    • turn a hesitant hospital website's visitor (who needs medical assistance but doesn’t know what clinic to choose) into the real client, ready to pay for your services;
    • get a database of customers in order to constantly keep contact with them offering services or goods able to interest them;
    • provide a maximum of online services and useful information, thus discharging the administrator and reducing the number of erroneous requests;
    • improve the name recognition and form a positive image of your hospital healthcare services;
    • increase the sales of goods and medical services and the profitability of the business.

    In general, an approximate scheme of the operation of a profitable medical web resource includes the following stages:

    • the attraction of a potential patient, his transition to the hospital web resource;
    • the first impression, able to catch the visitor's attention and make him spend time here;
    • a growing interest in the product or service;
    • a desire to buy, order, consult;
    • finding the best way to contact the consultants (using online chat, phone, the feedback form, Skype, etc);
    • satisfaction with the level of service;
    • a desire to share information about the company or product among friends.

    Everything seems to be clear. But how to implement the task concerning the hospital website development?

    We’ll give you a few practical tips:

    1. Desk research. Be sure to conduct market research to find out:
      • the expectations of a potential visitor of your hospital website;
      • competitive activity. Look at what your competitors are offering their customers. You must provide your patients with better features and possibilities.
    2. Digital marketing strategy. Develop a strategy focused on your medical website visitors. To do this, take advantage of the data collected during the research on your target audience. Do not use techniques irrelevant to your client. In any case, there are a lot of options to implement virtual hospital marketing: advertising banners, SEO, social networks and much more.
    3. Branding. The appealing hospital website design is very important, but in the case of the healthcare area, the main attention should be paid to building a strong brand. Talk with your patient "heart to heart", tell your story, convince him that you and only you are able to give him what he so craves to get, namely, the solid health. Let the expressive visual content illustrate and supplement your message instead of replacing it completely.
    4. The right content. A large amount of specialized medical information requires a high-skilled approach to filling the pages. It is important not to turn a hospital website into a boring directory. Make every website element (text, photo, video, flash animation) clear to visitors and accurate from the perspective of professionals.
    5. Positivity. People who visit medical web resources usually suffer from various illnesses or have sick relatives. And you should cheer them up: in other words, don’t scare your possible patients with a description of the symptoms and consequences of the disease. It is better to explain to them the most effective methods of successful treatment. All this will contribute to improving the user experience.
    6. Social media. Today, most people are active users of social media resources. Therefore, it is foolish to fail the opportunities provided by Facebook, Twitter, and other similar portals. We advise you to promote your hospital website through social networks: among other things, such type of activity increases the user engagement factor.
    7. Intuitive interface and convenient site navigation. The visitor (especially if he is suffering from a particular disease) should not spend too much time searching for the information he needs. Make sure your medical web resource meets these requirements. Think of this issue at the stage of creating a website design for the hospital.
    8. Call to action. The task of any site is to get its visitor to do a specific action whether it's buying, ordering a service, calling a doctor. Experienced UX/UI designers and web developers will be able to correctly place the accents to achieve this goal.
    9. Support and Promotion. The website development solves the problem of the popularity of your healthcare institution on the Web… but not completely! If you want a more effective result, you should take care of the constant promotion and support of the medical web resource. This means regularly updating information, publishing news and medical articles, promoting the site in search engines, registering it in specialized catalogs, advertising on the Internet, etc. All of the above contribute to an effective hospital marketing strategy.

    Now that we have closed the books on the case of the basic requirements for the best medical practice websites, it's time to think about the hospital web design and development.

    We offer professional medical app development services. Follow the link to find out more!

    What to consider in the development of hospital website

    Undoubtedly, if you’re a layman (a doctor or clinic manager), you’ll find the creation of a medical web resource an impossible task. And if you're seriously considering the new website development, it’s worth finding competent web experts.

    So, the optimal and effective solution means that you’re getting:

    • the skilled approach
    • reasonable prices
    • a convenient and clean website
    • the perfect basis for the subsequent web promotion

    We recommend that you seek help from the medical web experts of our Agilie team. They’ll create the best hospital website: effective, functional, and appealing, the one you expect.

    hospital websites

    We can build a medical web resource of any complexity for:

    • commercial and public clinics;
    • diagnostic centers;
    • medical online stores and online pharmacies;
    • dental clinics;
    • physicians engaged in private practice;
    • cosmetology salons.


    Do you have a clinic and it needs a website? Let's discuss the issue in a professional manner!


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