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Geolocation Services in Mobile Tracking Software

These days geolocation services are used by many mobile apps, websites, mobile operators etc. This kind of mobile tracking software could solve a few issues: find the nearest shop or gym, advice unusual restaurant next to your office, inform about sales in your favorite boutique or avoid getting lost in a big shopping mall.

There are some main flows of using the Location Services in mobile tracking software market today:

Information Location Services

This is the most popular and simplest case using today mostly by all websites and mobile iOS and Android applications. Due to this service app user gets information about surrounding objects in concrete place or area. A great example of this Location Service is an official GoogleMaps.

Social Location Services

This mobile tracking service allows user to follow his friends’ locations. The most popular social Location Service is FourSquare. FourSquare users stay on touch by the latest news about their friends and visited places.

Communication Location Services

Location Services in social networks allow users to point locations together with photos, notes and other personal content. So user doesn't need to explain his friends where has this guy been on the vacations or honeymoon; they will see the location point under the photo or video. Сommunication Location Services are applied to such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Location Services make our life easier and brighter. It helps users to orient in this modern, active and busy world around us. And the main advantages of Location Services for IOS or Android mobile apps owners are:

  • Establishing of close relationships with customers by providing them personalized and useful content.

  • Additional advertising channel.

  • Development of new sources of income by targeted advertisements on users’ mobile devices translation.

So mobile tracking software with Location Services would be very useful for both service users and owners of restaurants, shopping malls, museums, real estate agencies, taxi and so on.

We wish you successful projects! 


Agilie team.

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