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    Agilie Design: The Year 2016 in Animations

    In 2016, we took on ticket booking apps, tried making banking apps more visually appealing, tested different interactions for e-commerce apps, and a lot of other stuff. In this article, you'll see the animations Agilie's design studio had been crafting throughout the last year.

    Let’s start!

    Banking app concept

    by Lina Lysenko

    banking app animation

    Most banking apps are quite dull-looking, and working with them sometimes feels really like going into a bank - boring and uninspiring. In this concept, we decided to add some colors to the digital banking routine and imagine how to make a banking app stand out from a bunch of other similar apps.

    Energy saving and management app concept

    by Alexey Radzhabov

    energy saving app

    Little by little, the electric power is replacing gasoline and even being employed in more unexpected cases. The Flash Garage project aims to help you track the statuses of your batteries on your electricity-powered skateboard, bicycle or scooter.

    Cinema tickets booking app concept

    by Yegor Kosinov

    Cinema app

    We at Agilie are all keen movie lovers and, therefore, moviegoers. That’s why we’re so concerned about finding new visually appealing and convenient ways to buy cinema tickets. This concept is one of such takes on quick and easy ticket booking process - just choose a movie, make few taps, and here you go with your digital ticket.

    Easy tickets booking app concept

    by Yegor Kosinov

    ticket booking

    And here's a slightly different approach to online ticket booking.

    We often buy cinema, concert, or even theater tickets online while being on the move. In such situations, tiny input forms turn the booking process into quite a painful endeavor. This concept of a cinema ticket booking app that solves the problem by offering large UI elements and employing simple gestures to make the ticket-buying process fast and convenient, regardless the situation.

    Material-based design concept for a messaging app

    by Lina Lysenko

    messaging app material

    Here, we experimenting a little with applying Google’s Material Design to a messaging app. Navigating through a simple card layout, a user can make calls, and create group and secret chats.

    Wirex financial app onboarding

    by Lina Lysenko

    Meet the onboarding animation for a Wirex, a financial app designed by the Agilie team. The onboarding showcases how easy a user can manage your bitcoins and card accounts using the Wirex app: send, convert, and manage money with just a few taps with the Wirex application.

    Payment preloader for a tickets booking app

    by Yegor Kosinov

    online payment preloader

    Most of us prefer buying tickets online using a mobile app. But we don't like staring at an empty screen while waiting for the payment approval. So why not to wait for it with some popcorn?

    Carousel view concept for a shopping website

    by Alexey Radzhabov

    shopping carousel

    Why not try something new for shopping websites? Here's an elegant carousel for the product catalog. It turns showcasing items into a fun, interactive process. 

    Animated UI kit for an e-commerce app

    by Lina Lysenko

    shopping app UI kit

    An elegant and clean UI kit for the concept of a shopping app called STITCH. All components here are vector-based, fully compatible and editable. Layers are organized, carefully named and grouped.

    Animated icons for a music app

    by Alexey Radzhabov

    animated icons

    Animated icons are a good tool to make interactions fun and intuitive. Tomplay, an interactive sheet music app allows students to learn and practice playing numerous music instruments, learn different scores, and make own scores and recordings.


    The year 2017 has only begun, but it promises to be even more productive for our team. We have already crafted some new cool animations which you can check out on our team page on Dribbble. Also, take a look at Agilie's projects on Behance and follow our brand new Pinterest page

    Oh, and don’t miss new stories on our Medium blog - there will be a lot of interesting stuff on UI/UX design and app development coming this year!

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