Telegram Messenger vs WhatsApp: Which One is Better?

A phone call is a fast but inconvenient way of communication. The vast majority of modern people prefer to write to their colleagues, relatives, and friends. Thus, a multipurpose messenger is really needed. 

Today the most popular apps are Telegram and WhatsApp. According to some opinions, Telegram is better than WhatsApp. Consequently, which to give preference to? We are here to help you choose the best option.


WhatsApp is a good messenger with an audience of more than two billion people around the world. Designed for instant communications such as chats and calls, the app is usually used to keep in touch with family members and friends.

Some time ago WhatsApp joined Facebook and other Mark Zuckerberg’s services. It has affected the privacy policy, accessibility (dependence on Facebook’s servers), and the speed of feature implementation. Currently, there are no problems sending emojis, stickers, GIFs, pictures, files, location, and music. But the limit is 16 MB.


  • Satisfactory quality of voice and video calls;

  • Prevalence (a huge number of users);

  • Support multi-platform, but having the mobile version installed is compulsory.


  • A limited size of files;

  • A limited number of group members (only 256 while in Telegram the maximum is 200 000);

  • Lack of some features (their list below).

WhatsApp, unlike Telegram, has an option, which allows you to upload photos in the status section. In 24 hours, such content disappears. Unfortunately, businesses hardly ever appreciate this good feature. 

To start using the web or PC version of WhatsApp, follow the link: But first, install the mobile app via the Play Market or App Store.    


Telegram has about 550 million users. It is exactly the case when the amount of them doesn’t show the whole truth about its usability and features. Not only many ordinary users but also companies prefer Telegram because it is a great WhatsApp alternative client.

Telegram was created by two brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2013. Their software product appeared after Group acquired Vkontakte (brothers’ first communication solution). Today their messenger is a combination of useful features (the application can replace almost all your social networks).

One of the main reasons why Telegram is better than WhatsApp is that it stores the data on its own servers. So, if you lose your gadget or the memory card breaks, all your files and chats will remain safe. WhatsApp Messenger makes backups once in a while (every day, week, or month) on Google disk. You can lose the last sent information if a backup has not been created.

Telegram works on a multi-platform independently. There is no restriction to use the application only on a PC without a mobile application.

Telegram allows you to make a voice chat like in ClubHouse. It is a great feature if you need to gather all group members online. And another feature has to do with entertainment. It is possible to create your own sticker pack with your workers, colleagues, or friends. 

Businesses have gotten internal online payments in Telegram. The user selects necessary goods and then enters his card data, which will be securely transferred to the bank.  

As far as the disadvantages of Telegram, it contains some unwanted channels linked with the Dark Internet. Also, sometimes users encounter the poor quality of voice and video calls.

On the site you may download any version of Telegram. The installation of the mobile application is optional.

Telegram vs WhatsApp debate: Common and Distinctive Things

Let’s compare these two apps with the following items:

  • Accessibility and availability;

  • Security;

  • Privacy;

  • Services and functions;

  • Interface convenience.

Accessibility and Availability

Having many users requires a lot of resources, and these two apps don’t have any issues with that. But to be honest, some problems with accessibility sometimes happen. As an example, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram were unavailable for 7-8 hours on October 5, 2021. Throughout this time Telegram had gotten a large number of new users: about 70 million. When problems concern Telegram, it doesn’t work for less than several hours.

WhatsApp app supports Android from 4.0.3 and iOS from 9.0 while Telegram supports Android from 4,1 and iOS from 9.


Telegram definitely exceeds WhatsApp because it has a high standard encryption technique. Hackers experience some difficulties with intercepting and decrypting messages. If you use this app on multiple gadgets, you are able to log out of all sessions in no time.

WhatsApp can’t boast of such a level of security, so in the Telegram vs WhatsApp race, the first one becomes the winner. But it is worth mentioning that WhatsApp uses an end-to-end encryption method (E2E) when it comes to your messages.


Since WhatsApp became part of Facebook it has had poor privacy terms. Some rules of the platform force users to look for alternatives to the WhatsApp app. People are dissatisfied that the application reveals their personal phone numbers. Besides, group chats with your number appear in the Google search, so everyone can interrupt your discussions.

Telegram is deprived of this problem. It uses usernames, and thanks to them you are able to interact on the chat platform. Moreover, there are unlimited proxy servers that allow you to hide your device’s IP. It is a big difference between WhatsApp and Telegram.

Some people dislike it when strangers add them into groups without permission. A set of permissions in Telegram is intended for you if you belong to such people.

Services and Features

Common things:

  • Sending files, photos, videos, location, stickers, emoji, GIF;

  • Voice and video calls;

  • Creating groups;

  • Smartphone and PC apps, web clients.

Distinctive things:

  • File and group limits (16 MB in WhatsApp versus 2 GB in Telegram);

  • Security level and data encryption;

  • Working on different gadgets independently.

Features, which WhatsApp doesn’t have:

  • Launching bots;

  • Channels;

  • Online payments;

  • Music player;

  • Reading diverse types of files;  

  • Fine-tuning various permissions;

  • Online voice chats in groups;

  • Secret Chat with end-to-end encryption (messages can’t be forwarded);

  • Animated stickers;

  • Article instant view (automatic formatting texts in a simple, readable way);

  • Moving chat history from other apps. It is a good feature if you are searching WhatsApp client alternative;

  • Chat Folders;

  • Saved messengers (a separate section, which may be your cloud storage).

Interface convenience

Despite so many features in Telegram, the interface of both apps is user-friendly and comfy. So, if you need a simple messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram will suit you.

WhatsApp is a simple solution for chatting and calling. Moreover, the messenger has two billion users, which means you can find a necessary person with high probability. This is important for some businesses.  

Telegram offers so many wonderful features but not everyone needs big functionality. Which app to choose is only up to you. 

None of these messengers are suitable for you? Well, then in our other article, we will answer the following question: “How much does it cost to make a mobile app such as WhatsApp?”.

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