How To Hire A Development Team For Building A Neobank

Neobanks represent an innovative avenue to build modern and efficient banking solutions. The major factor of the neobank’s success is a strong digital infrastructure created by an expert development team. The team is proficient in coding and involves innovative solutions, strong security implementation, and user-oriented design. They have to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, guarantee data protection, and provide scalable solutions that meet the organization's growing needs. Agilie in this article has presented a detailed process for hiring a development team that is in line with the neobank’s mission and vision.

Key Takeaways
  • To successfully launch and operate a neobank, it's crucial to hire a skilled development team that understands fintech and digital banking. 

  • The process of finding the right team needs a clear vision of your needs, the usage of appropriate recruitment platforms, and comprehensive support from an expert team that offers end-to-end services.

  • Prioritizing strong client relationships is a factor that helps to make informed decisions based on cultural fit.

Identifying Your Needs

Defining the major components of your neobank and the skills of your development team is important when starting your neobank business. This is an initial phase that builds the foundation of your project’s possibility of success. This is a guide that will show you how to recognize members with crucial skills, experience, and expertise in this project for building a top-notch neobank creation team.

Key Roles in a Neobank Development Team 

  • Project Manager (PM): The PM controls the entire development process to ensure that the project arrives within time, budget, and specification. They provide a communication link between the developers and stakeholders. 

  • Business Analyst (BA): BA has the vital role of transforming complicated financial needs into business solutions. They collaborate with stakeholders to articulate business needs, restructuring processes, and achieve compliance in the neobanking industry. 

  • UI/UX Designer: Since user experience (UX) is one of the major factors in the success of neobanking, a designer knowledgeable in user interface design (UI) is essential. They not only deal with the style and atmosphere of your virtual bank but also keep an eye on using simple designs that enhance the level of user satisfaction and engagement.

  • Software Developers: You will have to hire a mix of both front and backend developers who have experience with fintech software development. Frontend developers work with what users directly see and interact with in the application or website. Backend Developers work on the server side, administering the database and application logic. They should know modern programming languages and frameworks. Every software developer should prioritize security. In a neobank’s financial nature, security is an inevitable element. 

  • Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers: QA engineers are irreplaceable in the building of a perfect user interaction mechanism. They conduct the testing and debugging of the code, making sure that the software is trusted, performs well, and is free from bugs. 

  • DevOps Engineer: This function includes improving the processes of development and deployment using cloud technologies and tools, with a focus on security. This will therefore make sure that your banking platform can scale up and adapt fast to the ever-changing situations.

Operating a neobank largely involves more than technical expertise. It can only be successful if the dev team deeply understands the financial regulations, data security, and customer-centric design. The team members should possess agile workflow skills and be able to quickly and seamlessly integrate changes in the code base, processes, and environment. But how to find candidates? We will share our recommendations in the next chapter. 

Finding Candidates

The next key step is to find the appropriate candidates. Whether you're after a single node or a full development team, using the right platforms can immensely ease the process. Here's how you can handle the recruitment landscape masterfully.

Utilizing Professional and Job-Specific Platforms

LinkedIn: It is a critical network for professionals. Look through the LinkedIn profiles of the applicants to gain insights into their background, former project involvement, and professional acquaintances. It’s also a good placement for posting job ads and getting to a wide audience of professionals looking for new jobs.

GitHub: Linked to technical jobs, especially for software developers, GitHub is of utmost importance. It offers the ability to review the previous work of candidates, analyze their coding style, and comprehend their contributions to different projects. This is a key factor in assessing a developer's technical expertise.

Industry-specific sites: Sites such as Clutch, Manifest, GoodFirms, and IT Firms concentrate on rating and reviewing technology service companies. They comprise customer reviews, ratings, and detailed profiles of companies that specialize in the development of software, including neobank solutions.

Clutch is a suitable resource for locating development firms as it focuses on B2B services only. To make a successful search, apply appropriate keywords and filters, as well as pay attention to the service focus and portfolio of every company. Pay attention to clients’ reviews, credibility, and in-depth case studies. Client reviews help to tell about project management, communication, and results. Look through in-depth case studies to see how the firm goes about projects and how they approach complexity. Make sure the team has the appropriate technical abilities and a reputation among clients for delivering excellent results to be successful. 

Agilie stands apart as a highly-ranked company on platforms such as Clutch because client reviews document our customer-oriented approach, innovative solutions, and solid software development abilities. These awards are a testament to our unwavering resolve to provide reliable, scalable, and secure digital banking services. 

Client testimonials and expert reviews bring in information about a firm’s dependability, quality, and performance. Choosing candidates from these sources guarantees an experienced development squad that can create a neobank.

Additionally, we would like to emphasize client relationships, and we will discuss this in the next chapter.

Learn more about us by visiting our website.

Client Relationships 

Launching a neobank is a process of several steps that require constant communication between you and the development team members. An exemplary team of professionals having in-depth abilities and being client-oriented will be the determining factor of the project.

A development team that prioritizes client relationships is essential for several reasons.

  • Communication: Clarity, consistency, and transparency are the cornerstones that will ensure that there is a collective understanding and proper implementation of the vision. This methodology solves the problem of misunderstandings and saves the sustainable alignment of the project under the goals.

  • Flexibility: Being up-to-date with the latest demands and alterations is highly critical in the constantly changing sector of fintech. A team that fully understands the industry environment, market, and customer requirements will have the highest capability to react to the market change and will help you to be the market leader.

  • Support: The support from the start to the end, as well as after launching, is critical for problem-solving and scaling the solution when your business grows.

Agilie’s Approach to Client Relations

At Agilie, we consider our customer relations equally valuable as our technological competencies. We are delighted to describe our approach to client communications. 

Personalized Service: Each customer is distinctive, and so does their peculiar requirements. We appoint a designated project manager to every project. This manager functions as a link between our customers and our development team, guaranteeing that every correspondence is relevant and responds to the necessities and preferences of our clients. 

Proactive Engagement: We don’t just react to problems; we prevent them. During all stages of development, our team makes regular check-ins and updates to keep you informed about the progress of the project and to gather your references on crucial decisions. Our team implements preventive practices to neutralize threats before they turn into problems. 

Transparent Processes: Transparency is an integral part of our activities. We bring development progress and financial expenditures right on time. This transparency ensures trust and there are no hidden actions. 

Long-term Partnership Focus: Agilie aims at long-term relationships. We offer ongoing support and development services to help you adjust to the future growth of your neobank.

According to our clients, they value Agilie's ability to listen, adapt, meet deadlines, and consistently deliver high-quality results.

   Learn more about our case studies and how we have created marvelous projects.

Making the Decision

Selecting the right development team for your neobank is a critical choice that will greatly affect the fate and path of your project. This choice should be based on both technical skills and cultural fit evaluation. We will take you through the evaluation process to make an informed hiring decision.

1. Assessing Technical Expertise:

  • Review Portfolios and Case Studies

  • Check References and Testimonials

  • Evaluate Technical Presentations or Pitches

  • Consider requesting a technical assessment

2. Considering Cultural Fit

  • Communication Style

  • Project Management Approach

  • Values and Vision

3. Balancing Cost and Value

  • Cost Efficiency vs. Investment Return (A higher upfront cost might be justified by superior quality and longer-term savings in maintenance and scalability)

As you make your choice, keep in mind how Agilie interacts with the technical and cultural sides of the project. We value your opinion as it is our success indicator, as well as the success of your bank.

Find out our neobanking development process and its price in our article.


Hiring a neobank development team is a complicated step, and its thoroughness is critical. The main part of this process includes:

  • identifying your needs, 

  • finding candidates, 

  • building relationships, 

  • making the ultimate choice. 

Hiring process efficiency involves evaluating technical skills, cultural alignment, communication, and a potential for a long-term relationship. The technical expertise will guarantee that the project is done according to the highest standards, and cultural alignment will create a collaborative environment. Effective communication and excellent client relationships will result in the development of better solutions that satisfy all customer needs.

Through proper screening of prospective alliances, understating their strengths and weaknesses, and choosing a partner who relates to both your technical requirements and your company's culture, we can guarantee scalable, user-centric, and time-tested neobank. 

Contact Agilie to realize your vision with the utmost dedication, expertise, and success.



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