How to Find and Hire The Best Mobile Development Team

The launch of a thought-out mobile application is a proven way to speed up the development of your business and make it stronger. Let’s assume you realize the urgent need for creating an app. So, where to start? Don’t waste your time on the planning process. Start the implementation by trying to find an app development company, which would help you analyze your market and figure out the necessary features of the future product. In this article, we are going to consider different approaches to cooperation and find out which one is better.

In-House Team vs Freelancer vs Outsource Team

There are three options in project implementation.

IT department as part of your company

In other words, hiring mobile app developers into your team. The vast majority of businesses avoid the option because drawbacks exceed its benefits.


  • Full control over the development process;

  • Easier communication (opportunity to convey thoughts, ideas, and requirements during the development process);

  • Protected data. 23% of entrepreneurs are concerned about information leaks. To be honest, the problem is relevant if you cooperate with low-cost project executors.


  • High costs. In outsourcing, you can find mobile app developers with greater experience who cost less. Moreover, you are able to save up on office rent, software licenses, and so on;

  • The need to ensure the “right” environment. It’s a well-known fact that the labor market experiences a lack of talents. So, in order to get the desirable results, you have то make sure your employees take an advanced professional training from time to time.

  • Time-consuming process. Sometimes hiring an app development team takes weeks and months, not including the preparation and resolution of emerging difficulties (sick leaves, layoffs, and suchlike).

The in-house approach is suitable for IT and Telecom companies with continuous tasks and decent time reserve.

Freelance services

Freelancing seems to be a wonderful cost-effective option. However, the reality is going to be different.


  • Fewer expenses. Freelancers don’t have as many expenses as companies, so they offer a good service price. Moreover, paying for vacation days, social security, and other stuff is out of the question;

  • The ability to order exactly what you need from different specialists.


  • Freelancers aren’t interested in the success of your company, so the work result may be insufficient;

  • The necessity of thorough control at every stage of product implementation that is going to take a lot of your precious time;

  • Delays and disruptions of plans. You are not able to influence the situation when your executor disappears. The question “How to find an app developer quickly?” arises in such cases.

  • Risk of the budget increase. Let’s assume you aren’t satisfied with the freelancer's work. Sometimes finalizing a project is impossible: it’s easier to start implementing an application from scratch than to make improvements to the existing one. It extremely increases the budget. In addition, the time to market is shifting causing additional implicit costs (lost profit).

Thus, freelance is good for small projects and short-term solutions.


It is the most common approach even if you are working on a large continuous project. The main benefits we would like to list are:

  • Cheaper development. You may be sure about getting a professional solution for an adequate price (our team always tries to offer discounts and find ways to reduce costs by avoiding certain expensive technologies);

  • Working with high-qualified developers. Freelance is usually about middle developers while IT companies include senior specialists. They conduct some studies to provide your clients with the best user experience;

  • Availability of a contract. Working with an app development company requires the conclusion of an agreement. It guarantees you’ll get what you need;

  • The possibility of long-term cooperation. You interact with a company, not with one specific executor. So, you can count on maintaining your product after its launch all the time while the company provides services;

  • Scalability. You are able to expand or lessen the size of the team to fit the exact needs of your project.


  • Price is higher compared to the freelance option.

  • Possible difficulties with money transfers. Freelance exchanges usually provide users with convenient and cheap ways to send and receive money. Unfortunately, you will have to find such methods independently.

Every entrepreneur tries to implement his project inexpensively, fast, and qualitatively. Outsourcing allows you to come to a compromise.

What to Consider When Choosing Mobile Developers?

The main tips on how to find app developers are as follows.

  • Check a portfolio. Figure out if the chosen company has examples from your particular industry. Estimate such works and determine whether they solve business problems and cover users’ needs or not.

  • Analyze reviews on independent platforms. Or contact former clients of the company.

  • Assess the company’s experience. Find out how many years the team has been operating and what industries it has dealt with.

  • Look at prices. They are usually not final, so it is very important to describe your project in detail to a manager.

  • Focus on communication. If the first discussion of your future product didn’t satisfy you, we recommend choosing another executor. The poor relationship causes misunderstandings and predicaments.

  • Ask for approximate shipping time. Sometimes the extra charge is necessary to fulfill your task on time.

Where to Look For?

Unfortunately, hiring an app development team requires time and patience. The common ways and web resources are:

  • Freelance exchanges. It’s worth mentioning the platforms always take some fees for their intermediary services.

  • IT blogs. The main advantage is they allow you to see the author’s qualification in a specific topic.

  • Communities. There are special sites where designers and developers present their works (an example is Dribbble).

  • B2B directories. In such catalogs, you can find information about different companies and their ratings.

  • Networking. Ask your partners, colleagues, friends, and so on.

  • Search results. Top positions in the search results indicate the reputation of the web resources. It means they invest in long-lasting SEO promotion and aren’t one-day businesses. However, be careful on the Internet.

How to Find Your Mobile Development Team?

Below, we have cited a rundown, which is going to help you hire mobile app developers.

1. Setting goals. Be clear about your business purposes and app concept. It will allow managers to understand what expertise you really need.

2. Choosing a type of cooperation, tools, and platforms where executors offer development services.

3. Listing appropriate candidates, comparing them according to the following criteria:

  • Experience;

  • Development approach (agile is preferable to waterfall);

  • Specialty;

  • Programming tools;

  • Reviews;

  • Availability of contracts;

  • Quality of communication.

Don’t hire a jack-of-all-trades “expert” because you risk failing your entire project. Most professional developers specialize in creating a certain type of apps.

4. Seeing if you are able to find some common ground with the leader of the chosen company. If everything is alright, you can move forward.

Agilie Mobile Development Team

In the USA, users spend more than 5 hours every day staring at the screens of their mobile devices. Despite that fact, the list of applications being used isn’t wide. It says one thing: you have to fight for attention by launching a top-notch solution. Finding mobile app developers in outsourcing is an approach that would allow you to implement your ideas efficiently and for adequate money.

We at Agilie have been operating since 2010, so we have all the necessary resources and expertise to create modern digital products. In addition, our services don’t cost an arm and a leg. Get hold of us by using the following link when you’ll be ready:


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