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    Mobile Apps Become More Popular

    According to the last survey smartphone users prefer to use mobile apps instead of website mobile versions. Among 3.5 thousand of respondents from different corners of the world who participated in the survey 85% say that they consider mobile apps to be much more convenient and quicker than mobile versions of sites.

    Mobile apps simplify our lives – we can make purchases, order food from a restaurant, read news, check weather. They are used as business diary, organizer, help us to carry on personal diary, take care of our health, read books, etc. Today mobile applications help people to make bank transactions, pay for goods, bills, book seats and tickets. Thus, users prefer to use mobile applications for iOS and Android to communicate with the companies.

    Of course, mobile websites have certain advantages. First of all, the development of mobile site is cheaper. Moreover, in some cases it’s easier to maintain them, they don’t need installation and it’s easier to promote them on the Internet. However, mobile apps are more preferable than mobile sites to increase customers’ loyalty, as they are easier to use: no need to enter the site address every time, and the application runs faster than the site. Also you have an opportunity to use the functionality of device (camera, GPS).

    Some experts believe that an application is more convenient only if the client uses it constantly. A mobile app for iOS and Android is more convenient when it is already installed. Mobile site is run by those users who need an urgent access to information. At the same time mobile apps should be applied for the fullest functionality.

    So mobile applications have some significant advantages. The main are the adaptation for mobile devices, more extensive functionality and high level of usability.

    To be the leader of the market you should focus on the target audience and consumer. In such case, your own mobile app for clients’ service will give you an essential advantage among your rivals. Appeal to the professionals and you will receive really quality and useful product!

    Sincerely, Agilie team.


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