Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Agilie’s dedicated quality assurance (QA) team provides a full-cycle software testing and quality assurance services for both throughout the app development process and after the release.

For the products already on the market, we offer a comprehensive technical support to make sure your iOS, Android, or web app is always up-to-date and run like clockwork on all relevant devices.

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Full-cycle testing and product support

Any product is valued for its quality. The major reason people give up on using mobile and web apps is the low quality of the product, from both the technical side and user’s perspective.

A high-quality software product can be created only applying a full cycle of product testing activities during the development process. This implies the full engagement of the QA team on all project development stages including requirement gathering, iterative build deliveries to the client, and the market release.

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Turn your mobile device into a secure bitcoin wallet.

Shark Taxi

Fully automated web and mobile taxi service for drivers and passengers.

Livestream your videos using the app, YouTube, and Facebook at the same time. is the first project where we utilized our knowledge of Kotlin.

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