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    Mobile security solutions

    XXI century has brought people achievements of technical progress that make our life easier. Mobile technologies are one of them. Mobile application market grows rapidly and day by day new mobile mobile security solutions for IOS and Android for different spheres of life appear.

    One of the best ways to protect your life and your children is mobile application that will help you to feel confidently and safety. Download these mobile security apps on your smartphone and manage your safety right from your phone!

    For most people the main goal is to know that all family members are safe and as secure as possible at all times. With mobile security software on your smartphone you, your family members and friends can follow movements of each other, add text and photos to explain their location. Such app is an excellent choice if you have chronic diseases and sometimes you feel bad, so you want to have a constant ability to alert about worsening of your health. These apps are very important for families with children, because nowadays the statistic shows sad results.

    Benefits for the users of the apps:

    • Location determination
    • Notifications about new contacts in the phone
    • Detailed statistics about the use of smartphone, limits of the time, the number of messages
    • Motion detector
    • Permanent connection with trusted people
    • “Follow me” function

    Benefits for the owners of the apps:

    • Increase in the number of permanent users
    • Clients’ loyalty
    • Ability to earn money
    • Possibility to get high-ranking status
    • Improved competitiveness
    • Ability to make the world safer

    The importance of the apps.

    Unfortunately, we all live in a difficult and dangerous world, where everyone must be on the alert every minute. Software development security is created with the aim to make our life easier and safer. It should be downloaded by everyone who has children or ill people in their family.

    The most useful and popular security apps include:

    • Sygic Family
      Sygic Family

      the app, which can monitor the location of your members and the level of their smartphone charging. Also there is an opportunity to determine safe areas, which cannot be left by your child or sick relative. Otherwise you will receive a notice. Besides, this app allows getting messages when a certain person reaches some place. It is very convenient if your children go to school or somewhere else alone. This programme has an integral system of message exchanging among family members. A special button SOS is developed in order to show the location of the owner of the telephone in a case of danger.

    • Life 360
      Life 360

      is the app, which is very similar to the previous one. It shows the location of a necessary person, has the alarm button and also indicates the nearest hospitals and police stations, where it is possible to get help.

    • Mamabear

      a very useful app, which has all ordinary functions and both some additional. It can provide you with the data about your child in the Internet. Thus, with the help of it you can know whether he or she has new friends, is appeared on the photos and other useful details. This app even show when your child is going by car.

    • MobileKids

      the app, which provides you with the most detailed information. It allows you to know how and when your children use your mobile phones, especially, what they download and add in their phone.

    • Google Latitude
      Google Latitude

      the security app, showing the location of your relatives. Also you can easily communicate with added people, not using sms- messages.

    Mobile device security is the best way to keep you nearest and dearest people in secure. If you download these apps from our service, you will be provided with quality and deadline assurance.

    Skillful and experienced professionals, working in our team, will offer you creative and innovative ideas. We guarantee everyone the highest level of secure mobile applications.

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