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    Contacts and events management system

    Successful business requires a successful team that is focused on the result. It is worth noting that the effectiveness of a team depends on the productivity of every member. High productivity can be reached by tough time management. Time management will be effective when all events are recorded and workflow is regulated. Managers from all over the world look for tools that will help them to not to miss anything in the flow of affairs, and to inform the team about important news, set project goals, monitor the implementation progress and successfully complete the work on time. Frequently yellow paper notes on the squares don't work as expected and even notepads-organizers won’t help. Surely we need to have smart mobile software like event planning app or a contact manager app that is available for everyone and provides a clear, simple and easily customizable user interface.

    Using an event mobile app and a contact manager app is the most effective way to manage time with the rhythm of modern life. This is a really great way to access to all relevant data (contacts database, the planner of the team work, your personal planner, analytical data) 24 hours a day, regardless of your location.

    The advantages of using iOS or Android event mobile app and contact management app:

    • Constant access to your CRM database even in offline mode
    • Ability to separate contacts into groups and organize them hierarchically.
    • You can instantly dial a phone number, create an email message, etc.
    • Project synchronization between team members.
    • Remote work with the team.
    • Unlimited access to company business data.
    • In-time information about the results of the assigned tasks.
    • A system that works according to your needs.

    By implementation of the mobile contacts and events management system you will get an ability:

    • To control time

    • To retain customers

    • To improve the level of sales

    • To save time and reduce cost

    With a mobile management system by Agilie you will get an excellent product and also:
    • Collaboration with a team of professionals who work for your result.
    • Awesome mobile applications design.
    • Product software testing service.
    • Quality assurance of the final product.
    • Product maintenance and further support.
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