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    Mobile TV Applications

    Modern people spend their free time at home very rarely. We are used to hurry somewhere every minute of our life so we want to have familiar and favorite services at hand. Mobile technologies can solve this problem just providing the users with all kinds of business tools, organizers, leisure time activities and so on. TV app development has been provided in order to entertain people every minute wherever they are.

    Mobile TV has become reality of our time. Every day we use Internet for work, communication, entertainment, so it's no wonder that mobile TV apps become extremely popular. No matter in what part of the world but you can always watch the actual report, new movie or important football match. You can watch your favorite TV channel in transport, in the street or at a restaurant.

    Mobile TV app helps us not to miss favorite programs when there is no access to a TV-set. It is very useful when we have to entertain children in a car or to stand in a queue or a traffic jam. With its help we can always be aware of the latest news.

    Mobile tv android enables to watch about 150 channels, which means unlimited quantity of films, TV series, music videos and other TV shows. With this application you will never feel bored.

    Benefits for users of mobile TV app:

    • Ability to watch TV on the phone
    • Search a necessary channel or programme by a key word
    • Arranging the order of channels by preferences
    • Good quality and quick download
    • Wonderful opportunity to entertain oneself and children
    • Discussion of interesting facts with friends via social networks
    • Stay informed of the latest news

    Benefits for owners of mobile TV app:

    • Profit growth
    • Higher ratings
    • Opportunity to give advertisements
    • Improvement of the people’s lives
    • Help in developing the world
    • Increase of the number of users

    The most popular mobile TV applications include:
    • Peers.TV

      app mobile TV set by everyone, even those who say they don’t watch TV. It is very functional and it is smaller than an average TV-set. This programme enables watching TV both online and offline. It is very useful when you have missed you favourite programme. You can watch them from the archieve where they are saved during the week.
      Also it includes a IPTV-player, convenient TV programme and option of adding own playlists. Moreover, this mobile TV app doesn’t take much space and can work in any corner of our planet. This app is very cool due the functions of timeshift and start over. The first one allows to pause the film and the second gives the opportunity to start watching the video from the very beginning.

    • SPB TV
      SPB TV

      an app that allows to watch more than 200 Russian and foreign channels, hundreds of videos and the latest TV novelties. SPB is very actual and beneficial, it makes the search easy due to TV programme and detailed description of channels. Also it provides with an option of picture in picture which gives the opportunity to make a quick choice and to spend time with joy and benefit. In order to make the work with this app more comfortable it is possible to change channels order and to add them in the list of channels.

    • ProgDVB

      a programme which allows not only to watch online TV but you can also work with cable and satellite TV, read subtitles and teletext. It provides a user with many channels including Russian, foreign, and musical.

    • CrystalTV

      an innovative approach to the traditional TV. After installing the application to your mobile you are free to chose from unlimited quantity of Russian channels. The user has to chose and pay for the pack of channels and enjoy watching TV anywhere.

    • RusTVPlayer

      mobile TV application for beginners, that lets you will watch popular Russian channels in a good quality. It has a convenient interface and simple administration. Besides that it supports Internet-radio.

    The importance of mobile TV apps

    Mobile TV is a specific resource for beginners, advanced users and mobile networks. TV app development is a very important step towards the future advancement of our world.

    Mobile TV apps are created in order to entertain us and let us be aware of the news. They are a very useful and beneficial thing for a great number of people. Now you will have anytime access to favorite channels.

    In order to have mobile TV application of high quality you should download it from reliable sources. We offer you the collaboration with skillful workers and high level of app design.

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