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    Mobile applications for energy efficiency

    Efficient and rational use of energy resources is very important problem today. Power efficiency means significant reduction of utility costs for population, saving of resources for the country and restriction of emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere for environment. So to live comfortably and healthy in pure beautiful country we should use natural resources wisely. There exist many ways to conserve energy.

    And modern new energy technologies can help us to reach this goal. Our smartphones and laptops are already so “smart” today, that they can look after our houses and offices on their own.

    Such energy management systems are able to analyze the total energy consumption, bills for electricity, heat and other forms of energy, floor area, year of building, weather, climate, the number of pumps, boilers, air conditioners, etc. Potential users of such applications are building owners who want to reduce energy costs, and energy service companies that provide energy efficient technologies.

    Energy efficiency rating represents the measurement of the overall power efficiency of a home or a building. The bigger it is, the better it is, because the high level of it incredibly decreases the quantity of the bills.

    Benefits for the users of the apps:

    • analyzing the data of energy consumption in real time
    • ability to quantify the results of the energy efficient technologies
    • modeling and evaluation of various scenarios for the use of energy-efficient methods
    • audit of the power consumption of private and commercial buildings
    • opportunity to be informed about energy consumption or each building
    • ability to determine the most beneficial ways to modernize energy systems
    • receiving advice on all possible reforms and existing energy-efficient technologies

    Benefits for the owners of the apps:

    • automatization of collection and analysis of the energy measurements
    • ability to maintain records of each building through the Internet
    • quick and easy general record maintenance
    • receiving records in the form of graphics, diagrams and interactive maps
    • monitoring energy efficiency
    • opportunity to save money, reducing energy costs
    • decrease of harmful effects on the environment

    Importance of mobile apps for power efficiency.

    Mobile applications for power efficiency are extremely important thing nowadays. They are a real way to conserve energy, which is a primary problem of our world. Everyone should realize it and take necessary steps. First of all, it is important to understand that energy saving solutions greatly decrease the harmful influence on our environment and save money. Besides, they help to improve the level of our life and our further generations.

    These apps allow you to be always aware of your energy use. The programme gives you a detailed graphic on which you can see your energy use at a specific period of time. With the help of them you can see how much money you spend on energy bills every month.

    Besides, they allow the owners to see in what rooms the energy is used every moment. For example, you will see that energy is used in the kitchen and bedroom at the moment, but is not used in bathroom and playroom.

    The mobile apps for energy efficiency can be a driving force, which will allow the whole sector of energy efficiency to reach a new stage of development. During several years they will be able to make our world cleaner and happier.

    If you order the mobile applications in Agilie you will receive collaboration with experienced workers and a warranty support of the project. We provide you with testing of working capacity of software product at all stages of the development. We have a lot of innovative solutions and creative ideas for assigned tasks.

    We are orientated at different clients, giving them various services on the energy consumption optimization. We assess the payback of every method under these conditions.

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