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    Augmented reality

    It is the modern technology that helps to supplement a live view by any data like video, audio or graphics. It also helps to bring more interactive & additional digital details into view.

    Effect of augmented reality consists in that when people look through the camera of a mobile device they see the real depiction of the world that is complemented with some background information which allows them to learn more about the environment.

    How to apply the effect of so-called augmented reality?

    • Example of android mobile application development - exploring the city image
      Exploring the city

      When you’re in a new city there are always a lot of questions. Where can you drink coffee or find a good cafe? Where is that building? Where can you spend time? You will always find the correct direction with augmented reality apps. They will also show various locations around the places and plan the shortest route there. There are many good and interesting examples of perfectly designed virtual reality applications to explore the city:

      • There is the clock "Glockenspiel" in Munich (Germany). When it strikes 11:00 figurines appear to act out various scenes. For all who want to see the performance of these figurines there is an animated AR application. A user can watch their performance by pointing the phone camera at the clock.
      • In New York City by using AR apps on Broadway a user can be "transferred" back to the old-time Broadway street and look at coaches that are parked at the old saloons. This effect is achieved by applying three-dimensional maps.

    • Example of android mobile application development - visiting museums image
      Visiting museums

      Audio guides or maps in museums might not provide the list of all museum exhibits. By using hotspots for an augmented reality app in a museum the user can find description of each exhibit. This is a very convenient way because you can go to any exhibit - the recognition starts to work and you are getting a maximum of information in audio or text format about the object without having to pay for the guide service. Many museums have begun the development of three-dimensional virtual tour guides, which are located in different places in the museum, but are visible through the AR-browser. This is a very relevant technology for large museums such as Louvre (France) or Metropolitan (USA) where the maps may not always lead to a particular object.

    • Example of android mobile application development - shopping image

      The augmented reality apps are widely used in eCommerce market: catalogs, try-on (jewelry, watches), virtual shops. Augmented reality can transform such places as parks or airports into virtual malls. This might be a great opportunity for users to spend time & have fun, moreover, it’s a great opportunity to save on the lease of commercial (office) space for companies. They can also be used effectively in real stores for example to display the products that will be available soon in stores or goods that are in the retail network but not in the current one.

    • Example of android mobile application development - service industry image
      Service Industry

      Everybody has been faced with a situation when something needs to be replaced, adjusted or collected but the instructions don’t always help. Nobody likes to call the support service because it could require waiting for the operator’s answers or listening to long robots texts. Nowadays support services can be simplified and more convenient due to augmented reality apps. How does this work? A mobile app has an access to the smart phone camera and imposes the instructions on the image in real-time. This helps to solve a number of service problems in real time and on the spot. A user hears voice instructions, visually sees interactive steps, and the application shows what you should do and why.

    • Example of android mobile application development - design image

      Virtual reality applications are widely used in mobile app development for designing purposes. A user can virtually arrange furniture or decor elements in the proper place (apartment, restaurant, office).

    • Example of android mobile application development - advertising image

      Each company strives to increase its brand popularity and to become a market leader. One of the most effective and known ways to involve new users is to use new modern technologies like iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. Perfect candidates for this job are without a doubt AR apps. As just a single example marketing QR-code hides the advertising message (text, photo, video).

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