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    Apple Watch application development services

    Some people think of Apple Watch as a new platform, new view on the concept of portable devices. This is an excellent designer's product and perfect multifunctional gadget which can have unlimited possibilities thanks to various applications. Considering this fact we began working on applications for Apple Watch.

    Apple Watch contains some standard applications, such as messaging, phone, email, calendar and others, however, users don’t have to limit themselves with it. In order to personalize Apple Watch application development was started.

    So, Apple Watch sales had started not so long ago, but our team finished developing several applications for this device, and we can tell for sure that we are able to create an application of any type for it – this could be health, fitness, traveling, news, business, pleasure, etc.

    Benefits for the users:

    • a device that is always with you
    • 100% hands free
    • compactness
    • stylish accessory

    Benefits for the owners:

    • maximum personalization of your app
    • close contact with a user
    • competitive advantage in your market sector
    • new ideas and possibilities for business
    Apple Watch application development services

    It is essential to keep in mind a screen size of Apple Watch while developing watchOS apps, as it is important to arrange everything on a small screen.

    Apple Watch application development services

    We followed recommendations from Apple in watchOS app Shot Bucket. This led us to a great result, and now our app perfectly fits Apple Watch concept.

    Popular types of Apple Watch apps
    • Calculator

      It should seem a common thing on a watch, but Apple Watch does not have a calculator by default. Maybe such an option was not considered necessary or Apple keeps it for the following versions of watchOS, but we are sure it is more convenient to use a calculator on a watch than a smartphone, as there is no need to get out iPhone for this.

    • Music player
      Music player

      Music accompanies us always and everywhere, and it is especially pleasant to listen to favorite tracks while running or cycling. In such situations it might be uncomfortable or even dangerous to switch tracks on a phone, so here comes an Apple Watch app which can control track play, fast forward, to be a karaoke station by showing lyrics of a song that is currently on.

    • News

      Many users prefer to check the latest news with the help of their gadgets instead of a TV-set or a PC. It might be not very comfy to read the detailed analytical articles but looking through the summary and saving a post for later reading can be easy and quick. News app for a watch is a great way to stay tuned and informed.

    • Taxi

      Mobile applications for taxi services are very popular, that is why we are sure the same Apple watch apps will become demanded too. Whether it is a simplified version of a mobile app or an independent watchOS app – anyway ordering a taxi literally with a single hand movement is an awesome function.

    • Remote control
      Remote control

      If you need to switch off the lights on a kitchen, start watering around the house, everything can be ruled without physical presence there, remote control will do everything from anywhere. And with an Apple Watch app all the processes will be controlled, regulated and reminded making all routine tasks easier and saving time for their accomplishment.

    Development of Apple Watch apps in Agilie:

    Order the development of an application for Apple watchOS in Agilie company and you will receive high quality service, innovative product and also:

    • Collaboration with the team of professionals with the goal to achieve results for you.
    • Modern and cool design of high level for your website.
    • Continuous testing process to control the development progress.
    • Quality assurance of the final product.
    • Effective solutions for assigned tasks.
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