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    Apple Watch applications

    Recently Apple company has presented updated Apple TV together with the new platform tvOS. Its main features are built-in App Store, Siri and other Apple services. The new platform tvOS is actually the modified version of iOS. Altogether with it the company has provided developers with all the instructions, templates and frameworks that are needed for app development for tvOS.

    According to Tim Cook, applications are the future of television, obviously that is the reason so much attention is paid to the new tvOS platform. In near future it will get own App Store, and developers will be able to create new applications or to adjust existing ones, as Apple TV creators have provided the transfer of iPhone app code to Apple TV.

    Benefits for the users:

    • Absolutely new experience of watching TV
    • Linking all Apple devices with TV
    • Favorite games in a new, more convenient format

    Benefits for the owners:

    • New wider possibilities for the business
    • A way to reach more audience
    • fresh view on TV as a communication channel with customers
    Apple Watch applications

    While making apps for Apple TV developers can use same technologies and services: UIKit, SpriteKit, etc. It is important to note that system interaction is done through a special remote control with a touch panel, accelerometer and voice assistant Siri.

    Apple Watch applications

    All additional information for tvOS application developers can be found on the official Apple website for developers, where everyone who is interested in such information can find it.

    Intresting information about mobile apps
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      tvOS platform has been announced in September 2015 altogether with the latest version of Apple TV, which supports the launch of applications, and they can be managed with the help of Siri.

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      New Apple TV can boast of a streaming service Apple Music, and applications iTunes, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Hulu and Siri.

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      With the help of virtual assistant a user can ask to show a movie or a favorite TV-series. In order to do this a remote control with a built-in microphone has to be used. With the help of touch panel on a remote control navigation through Apple TV interface and fast forward option are available.

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      Apple TV and tvOS opens up great possibilities and new experience for gamers as well.

    Development of tvOS applications in Agilie:

    Order the development of a tvOS application in Agilie company and you will receive high quality services, innovative product and also:

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