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    Adaptive web development services

    Gone is the time when mobile-friendly websites were something new and unnecessary, thus could be ignored. According to the statistics, since January 2014 Americans use smartphones and tablets more than PCs to access the Internet. We can also see the same tendency in many other countries (India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and others), and all indicators are that this trend is set to continue around the world in near future.

    With more than 50% of traffic that comes from mobile devices (and some segments show a higher percentage of mobile traffic), business owners should really consider making their websites mobile-friendly, as it can push the business ahead of competitors.

    Many questions arise here: how to make it? Where to start? What makes a site mobile-friendly?

    First of all, let's see what are advantages of mobile-friendly websites.

    Benefits for the users:

    • convenient usage through mobile devices
    • anytime and anyplace approach — no need to be tied to a PC
    • a tool for getting information or purchasing is always at hand
    • easy and comfy access to a site needed
    • device capabilities are used for 100% (making calls in one click without dialing it, various site options could be used with the habitual gestures

    Benefits for the owners:

    • competitive advantage in your market sector
    • customer loyalty and getting new clients
    • improved search engine ranking on Google
    • reducing expenses – no need to spend extra money for a separate mobile website
    • geolocation service enables the owner to provide clients with the most relevant/personalized information
    Adaptive web development services

    Mobile friendly sites are displayed on a smartphone or tablet in such a way that a user can easily view them even on a small screen.

    Adaptive web development services

    Viewed on a PC or TV screen sites with the adaptive design look awesome, and handy navigation makes it easier to switch from one page to another.

    Website development milestones:

    • Choosing the right approach
      Choosing the right approach

      We create sites with adaptive web design as it is the most progressive type of a mobile-friendly website. In such a way the URL remains the same, but the server sends different HTML and CSS depending on what type of device is requesting the page. Also it enables a user to download images of different sizes to devices with various screens (smartphone or TV-set) to save the mobile traffic and to look perfect on a big TV screen.

    • Picking a CMS that meets your needs
      Picking a CMS that meets your needs

      There is a wide variety of ready-to-use CMS, both free and to be paid for. We use the latest technologies that allow us to create web-projects of any complexity. It can be a small corporate web-site or a vast trading platform with millions of visitors daily — we will choose the most appropriate set of technologies and will implement your ideas with the best quality!

    • Designing the mobile version
      Designing the mobile version

      Mobile visitors want to use a version of your website with colors, images, and content similar to the main site, thus they will be certain that they visit the right site. At the same time they expect the page to differ a bit: the screen should only display one or two elements at once, rather than plenty of options that are shown to desktop visitors all at a time.

    • Organizing content
      Organizing content

      Mobile first is an approach in arranging content with the concept that mobile sites should be designed first, then developed into versions for tablets and desktops. There are no such elements that can be put on a mobile page and can not be loaded on its desktop version.

    Development of mobile-friendly websites in Agilie:

    Order the development of a website with an adaptive design in Agilie company and you will receive high quality services, innovative product and also:

    • Collaboration with the team of professionals with the goal to achieve results for you.
    • Modern and cool design of high level for your website.
    • Continuous testing process to control the development progress.
    • Quality assurance of the final product.
    • Effective solutions for assigned tasks.
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