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    The Wirex app: A bank that is always open,
    right in your pocket

    When it comes to money and banking, people prefer to cooperate with someone whom they really trust. They expect online banking and payment services to be secure, private, fast, and convenient. Especially, when it comes to uniting the traditional and the latest payment methods that become more and more popular.

    A London-headquartered company Wirex (earlier known as E-Coin) serves customers in more than 130 countries offering online banking services, cheap money transfer, and worldwide-issued bitcoin debit cards. Wirex contacted us wanting to develop a mobile app that could help them reach wider audience and make their services - like spending bitcoins - even more convenient.

    Technical requirements:

    • Apps for iOS and Android platforms;
    • A possibility to use the app in an offline mode;
    • Multi-factor authentication feature for additional account security;
    • Refresh Tokens implementation;
    • App security through PIN;
    • App database security.


    The iOS app is written in the Objective-C language in order to simplify support and to make the code more reliable. For the same reason, for the Android version, we used Java, the most popular programming language for this mobile platform.
    The app’s UI uses minimalistic material-inspired design. We built the user flow in the way that lets the app users complete any operation with the minimum amount of taps.


    The first screen displays the data most crucial for any financial app: a user’s account’s balance and transaction history. In order to increase the security, we've added special features to settings: for example, hide the account info so that no one could see this information over the user's shoulder. If a user doesn’t have a system payment card they can easily order it.

    / Select card
    The simplest way to enter the card data

    On this screen, a user can choose a payment card is chosen for the current financial operation. After choosing the card, it is necessary to enter beneficiary bank details, then wait a few seconds – and the operation with bitcoin or other currency is complete.
    We tried to make the process, on the one hand, absolutely secure and, on the other hand, totally clear.


    We are proud our client entrusted us the most important part of their services: the financial transactions security. To guarantee that, all the data are kept on a client's mobile device and are securely encrypted.
    In order to log into the app, a two-factor authentication is required: app login and PIN. This means that even in the case the user’s phone is stolen no one can log into the app since it would require inputting the PIN as well.
    As the result, user data will never get stolen: neither from the device nor from the server. All information is being transferred through the secure connection and is protected from any malicious party.


    In tight collaboration with the client, we have built a secure mobile banking service that is always at hand and lets users:

    • manage their balance and bitcoin account;
    • send funds to any card;
    • convert currency from bitcoin to fiat money (for instance, USD or EUR) and vice versa in only a few taps;
    • Make online payments with of bitcoin or any other currency.

    The Wirex app is a trusted and secure bank in user’s pocket and an invaluable experience in banking app development for our team.

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