That Name Game

That Name Game is a mobile extension of the well-known last letter-first letter word game. The app offers both single-player and multiplayer modes and engaging gameplay elements like power-ups and in-game rewards.

How to play it

The game features two word categories - world cities and movie stars. A user can play alone or with other players in online mode, get hints with different power-ups, compete on a leaderboard and share results in social media.

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Client’s idea

To develop last letter-first letter word game for iOS-powered mobile devices, supporting both single-player and multiplayer sessions. The game must feature in-game power-ups, in-app purchases, and social sharing features. The UI/UX design must be based on user research conducted during the project development.

Requirements for the app:

- An iOS app Single-player and online multiplayer modes.
- Survival and Training modes for the single-player.
- Two game categories: Cities and Movie Stars.
- Power-ups with hints and purchasable in-game currency.
- Smart auto substitution and city aliases.
- Leaderboards.
- Facebook and Twitter integration.


The scope of app development services included:

  • a set of API methods for system interaction;
  • a mobile app for the iOS operating system;
  • a UI/UX design for the app.
Key features of the app
  • Playing with friends and other players through the Game Center platform.
  • Social media integration.
  • Offline game mode.
App development cycle:
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