ShotBucket app development case study

    Shot Bucket is a simple Dribbble client that provides possibility to promote Dribbble shots and profiles. The app is a fast and convenient platform for designers to get more visibility and discover more awesome shots on Dribbble.

    How does the app work

    Dribbble users can link their profiles with the Shot Bucket app and use it as a client for viewing Dribbble shots with simple card swipes, follow each other, quickly share shots in social networks, and promote shots getting them to the Featured category.

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    The idea of Shot Bucket

    To develop a convenient tool for viewing and sharing Dribbble shots and easily navigate between categories: Featured, Popular, Recent, Teams, Debuts, Playoffs, and Animated GIFs. The app’s highlight is giving users the ability to become more visible among the Dribbble community via the Featured shots feature.

    Requirements for the app:

    Mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

    The app should let Dribbble users view Dribbble shots as easy and quickly as possible using a Tinder-like swiping cards interface, rate shots, share them in social media, and add them to favorites at once.

    Users should be able to follow each other creating own contact networks and acquire more visibility by getting their shots to the Featured category.


    The scope of app development services included:

    • - a set of API methods for system interaction;
    • - a mobile application for iOS platform;
    • - a mobile application for Android platform.
    Key features of the app
    • Convenient card-based UI for viewing Dribbble shots.
    • Getting additional profile visibility.
    • Intuitive navigation.
    • All actions take only one move.
    • Shots are conveniently sorted by categories.
    App development cycle:
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