Now! Yakutsk

    NOW! is a service that provides information about events, promotions, and places of interest in the city of Yakutsk, Russia. The information is being updated 24 hours a day, so a user is always up-to-date having access to the most relevant information.

    What is Now!

    NOW! Yakutsk is a mobile event app providing comprehensive information on Yakutsk city events: cinema viewings, events at restaurants, cafes. Also the app is integrated with local delivery services and the most popular social networks. All information is being presented in 6 languages​​: English, Russian, Yakut, Korean, Chinese (simplified), and Japanese.

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    The client’s idea

    To develop a system to provide relevant information on events, discounts, and, promotions in the city for residents and visitors.

    Requirements for the application.

    To develop native applications for two platforms:

    • iOS (the programming language is Objective-C and the development environment is Xcode);
    • Android (the programming language is Java and the development environment is Eclipse).


    The scope of app development services included:

    • - server software for sharing and storing data;
    • - a set of API methods for system interaction;
    • - mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms;
    • - a data administration module;
    • - a promotional website with adaptive design.

    An event app about what’s going on in Yakutsk right Now!

    Key features of the app
    • Always up-to-date information about the events in the city.
    • An adaptive promotional website.
    • A functional admin sidebar.
    • Native apps for Android and iOS.
    App development cycle:
    Agilie, ruby on rails development company project life flow image
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