Country is the Agilie design studio’s official website where we share our latest projects, inspiring ideas, and valuable materials on mobile and web UI, UX, and product design.

    What’s special? is built around the idea of a quick access to the hottest stuff in mobile app design and adaptive web design on Dribbble, Instagram, Twitter and various design resources.

    We share the most interesting content concerning mobile and adaptive web design – from insightful articles and informative guides to inspiring projects and case studies.

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    Vision and implementation

    We wanted to create a website populated with valuable and visually appealing content, yet not making the screen look cluttered or oversaturated. We chose the material design approach and the card layout to ensure a quick and visual access to the content.

    Technology stack:

    Programming language: JavaScript

    The website built on: HTML5 and CSS3

    Libraries: Materialize, jQuery

    API integrations:

    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Dribbble
    Key features of the app
    • Quick access to valuable information on mobile and web design.
    • Convenient website layout – thanks to material design the site runs smoothly and displays the content in a digestible way.
    • Responsive web design ensures the site looks and runs perfectly on any type of screen and device.
    App development cycle:
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