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    MAD ID helps creatives further their craft and career through more collaborative and efficient education experiences. Agilie Team helped to develop MAD ID’s platform in order to give designers the opportunity to expand their design skills and process through daily, collaborative case studies and lessons from top designers.
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    Software & Quality Engineers


    Encourage all creatives to engage in new ways of creative thinking by building a fully-customized, flexible learning platform.

    Our goal was to solve the barriers of time, isolation and quality that most designers face in their current learning solutions. MAD ID delivers the most relevant real-world education in an quick-to-consume and education effective format. It allows designers to “make time” for skills development daily in a collaborative manner and learn incrementally without having to make huge schedule commitments.

    Users of existing education platforms face several barriers. First, users are busy - they have families, jobs and other commitments - and find it difficult to learn in large chunks of time through lengthy courses. Our client - MAD ID, created a solution based around daily, asynchronous learning that solved this issue of time. Second, users currently learn primarily through reading and listening which have extremely poor learning retention rates. MAD ID created solutions to enable collaborative learning with far higher learning retention rates.



    As part of the product, there are two components: production of learning content, and then delivery of it. Our team built the platform for MAD ID to deliver their content. This resulted in a Netflix-like platform that loaded the content, with personalized aspects such as delivery based on user learning schedule.

    Our team started from scratch and built the platform using Ruby on Rails. We were performing the heavy lifting in collaboration with a U.S.- based designer.
    One of the main things that our client wanted to solve was time management. Nowadays, it’s such an issue for people to make time to learn because they have families, jobs, and all kinds of commitments that occupy their time. Our client wanted a modular approach to give people the opportunity to take course in any order that they want.

    With the help of a Netflix type UI and platform, users are able to filter different types of content and choose certain lessons to add to their own customized learning path. Everyone’s learning path is completely different, so it's a novel approach to education which is typically done in a very synchronous way.
    Video content is the basis of the MAD ID platform which then allows for collaborative learning mechanisms. Videos on the platform are large and high-quality. To make the tuition smooth and continuous, we’ve decided to connect with Vimeo - a video sharing platform. By using Vimeo as a third-party service we are able to upload videos in their database. Vimeo processes the videos and transfers them to MAD ID platform. This helps to ease the browser load and improve the quality of the volume stream playback.

    We also added the option for people to pick the days they want to receive lessons. We send lessons from their learning plan, which they´ve fashioned, on the days they choose. Building this feature required integration with third-party apps and so forth.
    We did two things: we broke down our curriculum into bite-sized pieces, and then allowed these bite-sized pieces to be consumed periodically. Users are able to select content that they only want to focus on, thereby eliminating wasted time on poor or irrelevant lessons. And they are then able to “make time” by simplistically consuming this content on a personalized schedule.

    • Educational online platform
    • Personalized delivery of learning content
    • Bite sized content (lessons of 3-5 minutes)
    Value Delivered

    The service is becoming popular among the global creative community as it gives a great chance for both novice and experience designers to develop and acquire new skills. MAD ID is also working with some of the world’s top creatives as instructors, from top agencies to leading companies such as Dropbox and Facebook.

    • Watch video lessons from well-known creatives
    • Directly communicate with mentors
    • Download videos and watch them offline
    • Full integration with Slack, Stripe, Vimeo, Intercom, and MailChimp.


    Founder, MAD ID

    Agilie was great at taking direction and the feedback on user testing has been amazing so far. They’re a cost-effective and responsive team that communicates daily and delivers on time. They have a friendly disposition and are passionate about the work

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