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    What is Foodhead?

    Foodhead app provides a user with information gathered from top food blogs about all the delicious nearby places to dine. The user can read visitors' reviews and look at the menu and restaurant images. In addition, there are a lot of filters aimed to help you make the right choice of the tasty place to eat. Users can also snap appetizing photos of meals, add interesting rating filters, share with friends.

    Our task

    Creating an application consists of many stages, but the most important one is back-end development. Our team worked exactly on this difficult task. The back-end development means creating a set of solutions responsible for the rapid and sustainable interaction between the databases and software business logic. The quality of the back-end development directly affects the user experience, the app effectiveness, its responsiveness, load and attack resistance. Providing the highest quality of back-end development was our key aim during the working process on this project. A technological base is being formed at this stage, and the performance, reliability, and stability of the application depend on this factor. We are happy to inform that our team has coped with this task successfully.

    Challenges and Implementation

    Interaction of several applications.

    We had to unite APIs of Foursquare, Facebook, and Instagram into a single system. We managed to achieve the fast and unmistakable interaction between the web and mobile APIs of these apps, so Foodhead operates very quickly providing users with all the data they need.

    Check of the Foursquare data correctness.

    Sometimes there were problems with incorrect data about the restaurant profile provided in social networks (for example, Facebook). Therefore, we organized a system of additional information search for clarification of data about the restaurant's profile.

    Organization of the correct caching system.

    We had developed a caching system that processes the app request with a minimum delay and provides up-to-date data at the same time. Our system updates the database in advance, pulling up the latest Instagram pictures and performing other similar actions in order to ensure that users get the most topical information about places to dine.

    Flexible selection and sorting system.

    To make the application highly competitive, we had developed a detailed and advanced sorting system which allows you to form lists of institutions under a variety of different categories. Thanks to this, the process of the interaction with our application is easy and convenient.

    The target audience is users who like mouth-watering and appealing food. We were required to implement an algorithm which wouldhelp the application determine the user's location and, based on the data received, specify all the rating places to dine supplemented with brief descriptions and beautiful and high-quality pictures of the restaurant and its appetizing dishes (an advantage which the Foursquare app lack). To get a great quality, Foodhead should have requested images from the Instagram app.

    App features:

    Scroll to browse restaurants, cafes, & bars;
    Enjoy quality spots sourced from the best blogs;
    View simple restaurant ratings & no B.S. reviews;
    Watch fun cooking videos;
    Favorite places & recipes you want to try.
    Daily curated restaurants from top food blogs

    The first screen displays the latest information about all places where one can have lunch. The app database is being constantly updated, so a user can always see which new restaurants have been opened recently.

    Watch video recipes and cooking tips

    This screen contains popular video recipes and cooking tips. The user can prepare the dish himself or add his own recipe.

    No B.S. - see quality restaurant ratings & pics

    On the third screen, a user can see the quality rating of a particular restaurant, study its pictures and get all the other accompanying information.

    Search top cuisines and over 1M restaurants

    Here, one can use the search for nearby restaurants or favorite dishes.
    Favorite places you want to try & recipes to cook

    The last screen shows the user's preferences: what places he wants to visit, what dishes to cook. Information is based on the marks he had made.

    Important role

    All the described processes (for example, gathering information about restaurants from popular food blogs) became possible due to our effective back-end development. It is the server that processes user requests and provides the necessary information in return.
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