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    Looking for professional pitch deck design services? We have a great experience in the successful pitch deck design thank to which start-ups got their investments.
    If you are preparing for your next step of startup funding rounds, we are ready to help you.

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    What Makes a Great Pitch Deck?

    A pitch deck can become a great tool with the right approach.
    And the right approach means…

    The length of your pitch deck is a very individual concept, and there are no strict instructions in this matter. The main thing is to convey information laconically, convincingly, and eloquently.


    When creating content, you need to focus on your target audience. You must clearly understand what they're interested in and write about it.


    Do not skimp on pitch deck slides, devote each one to a single idea. This way, you'll achieve maximum effect.


    The more unique and memorable your pitch deck design, the more likely that you will be noticed. If the company's slides are branded and created in a single style, they look much more convincing than a dry, lengthy text.

    Why is pitch deck design so important?

    Startup funding rounds success largely depends on the pitch deck design. Thats why you should find an agency which will present your business in the best possible light

    5 reasons to entrust the project to experts:


    Professional approach to creating a pitch deck


    A well-adjusted, reliable, and creative team of experts


    Vast professional experience


    The high speed of work


    Saving your own resources

    What data should pitch deck slides visualize?

    What is a pitch deck? It's a presentation of your business designed to convince investors that your company is worthy of their contributions. The presentation can be created in any format you find convenient, and its goal is to help you successfully overcome the next Series of startup funding rounds.

    Best pitch deck examples include:

    • Company mission & vision;
    • Full information about the product / service with convincing characteristics and benefits;
    • Description of the key competitors;
    • Business scaling capabilities based on proven data;
    • The cost of acquiring new customers or hiring (training) extra staff;
    • Detailed business strategy;
    • The main financial indicators of the past 3 years and forecasts for the next few (up to 5) years.

    Why Agilie?

    We know how to create a pitch deck that will really work. Our team would be happy to take up this challenge and help your business grow. You'll be able to go through your startup funding rounds with ease and interest investors with your pitch deck.
    High level of design expertise
    Understanding the business needs
    Well-established business processes of cooperation and development
    Successful experience with startups and early-stage companies
    Uniqueness: no typical solutions
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